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Harland Financial Solutions Reports Continued Growth of Bank Client Base for PhoenixEFE® Enterprise Solution

Three More Banks Select PhoenixEFE® Enterprise Solution in Q4 2012

Harland Financial Solutions announced that its PhoenixEFE® enterprise solution has been selected by First National Bank of Wynne, First State Bank of Illinois and Riverview Community Bank. The PhoenixEFE solution is an integrated enterprise software platform that brings together Harland Financial Solutions' real-time core processing solution with the company's market-leading specialized applications. Its capabilities span the functions of the financial institution’s entire enterprise.

In addition to PhoenixEFE Core, the banks have purchased specialized solutions; among them are those providing self-service, enterprise content management, business intelligence, compliant loan documents, commercial lending and risk management.

First National Bank of Wynne, based in Wynne, Arkansas, is a current user of the LaserPro® suite for compliant loan documents, the DecisionPro loan decisioning system and the DepositPro® deposit account opening solution. The bank selected the PhoenixEFE solution along with numerous modules, as well as uOpen online account opening and funding, Cavion® Voice Banking, ActiveView® Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing, and Merchant Capture.

“The 360-degree customer view provided by PhoenixEFE will help us better understand our customers’ total relationships, enabling us to provide more efficient and better service,” said Bart Greene, vice president of First National Bank of Wynne.

The bank also expects the integration among all of the solutions to streamline operations by eliminating numerous manual reporting processes, further improving customer service.

“The ability for us to answer customer queries and provide service at the teller line for products like credit, debit and ATM cards, as well as the ability to view signature cards, access contact history, and manage sales and service activities with integrated access to Microsoft® Outlook means customers aren’t waiting for us to coordinate with different departments or access different systems to come up with answers,” added Greene.

First State Bank of Illinois, based in Central/Western Illinois, also added numerous other Harland Financial Solutions products, including Cavion Internet Banking, Cavion Business Banking, Cavion Mobile Banking, Cavion Voice Banking, Cavion Bill Pay, the uBankingself-service suite, Card Payments, Merchant Capture, Item Processing Services, FMS financial accounting software, Touché® Analyzer for business intelligence, and the LaserPro and DepositPro solutions. The bank plans to leverage the updated technology and open architecture of the PhoenixEFE solution, as well as the benefits of single sourcing to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and meet the demands of its expanding customer base.

“With PhoenixEFE being built on Microsoft® technology, we can leverage our current hardware infrastructure for overall lower cost of ownership,” said Barbara Duryea, chief financial and operations officer with First State Bank of Illinois. “Also, by partnering with Harland Financial Solutions for the additional specialized solutions, we can deliver competitive electronic banking products and services, while minimizing our vendor management risk.”

The bank expects the PhoenixEFE enterprise solution, with its Microsoft® Office integration, to create a common look and feel for improved staff familiarity and functionality.

“The integration among all of the Harland Financial Solutions applications will reduce manual errors and minimize data inconsistency,” added Duryea. “Additionally, the comprehensive customer view in PhoenixEFE will enable us to better understand and meet customers’ needs with a tailored customer relationship focus throughout our branch service network.”

Riverview Community Bank, based in Vancouver, Washington, is a current user of Harland Financial Solutions’ LaserPro solution and Touché Analyzer for business intelligence. The institution selected PhoenixEFE Core, Teller, Sales & Service and Collections, along with ActiveView Content Management, Card Payments solutions, uBanking online account opening and funding, the CreditQuest® suite for commercial credit risk management, the DepositPro account opening solution and Touché Messenger for serialized, multi-channel marketing.

“We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Harland Financial Solutions, so when it came time to convert our core system, we decided it would be beneficial to build on the existing relationship,” said Kim Capeloto, executive vice president for Riverview Community Bank. “Once our due diligence team learned more about PhoenixEFE, and CreditQuest in particular, we decided it was the right solution in terms of supporting our commercial business objectives, as well as helping us increase efficiency through streamlined vendor management due to the integration among the Harland Financial Solutions products we currently use and will use going forward.”

“We welcome these banks as working examples of our extended financial enterprise vision. From reducing the number of solution providers each must manage, to expanding commercial lending opportunities, streamlining operations, easing teller and platform staff duties and providing best-of-breed self-service solutions for end-users, PhoenixEFE and its specialized solutions deliver on all fronts,” said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development with Harland Financial Solutions. “We look forward to partnering with these institutions for years to come, while supporting their continued growth.”