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Diasoft’s FLEXTERA goes live in Investtradebank

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting-edge financial software solutions, has successfully finalized the first stage of the complex project for the implementation of FLEXTERA solutions in Investtradebank.

The implementation of innovative FLEXTERA solutions started with the launch of the financial markets toolkit that ensured support of the bank’s business processes related to brokering and tax accounting.

During the project, Diasoft’s team has proven the advantages of FLEXTERA implementation. The first stage of the large scale project was fulfilled in record breaking time. The pilot implementation of five recently released products was completed in just 5 months.

According to Alexander Lyashkov, Director, FLEXTERA Financial Markets, the successful implementation of FLEXTERA business applications is a matter of great importance for Diasoft. “The customer considered both our company and our new platform as a vector for its strategic development. We did cope with the challenge and successfully fulfilled our tasks”.

“The implementation of FLEXTERA solutions has significantly simplified our employees’ operations and increased the efficiency of our business processes. The operations that used to be performed manually are now automated and take minimal time. In the end, it is our customers who have gained from it since we managed to speed up the service”, commented Tatiana Smolina, Head of Back Office, Investtradebank.

Meanwhile, Diasoft’s team has started the next stage of the project. In the nearest future, FLEXTERA solutions will be used to support corporate and retail services of Investtradebank.