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Capco invites financial services firms to take an IT Health Check for 2013: Four steps to a fitter business

Organisations need to look holistically at IT health to kick start the New Year

Capco, a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry, today announced availability of a comprehensive service offering which enables financial services firms to take a holistic view of their IT health. Capco delivers a four point enterprise-wide plan from diagnosis to cure to ensure healthy IT:

  • Taking the pulse: Benchmarking the complexity of a firm’s IT
  • Diagnosis: Analysing a firm’s IT portfolio for common complaints
  • The best cure: Viewing holistically and enhancing core systems
  • Preventative medicine: In-house vs. out-sourcing, considering the options

The Capco IT Health Check enables financial firms to benefit from a clear value strategy, improved client service, regulatory control, increased process efficiency and faster and cheaper development. Using the IT Health Check, Capco supports clients in finding the most innovative and comprehensive tools to review their IT infrastructure and plan for an improved future, whilst identifying redundant, over complex and costly processes which can be trimmed.

“Too often IT is a restrictive burden in today’s banks and insurance firms, slowing or stopping business growing. However, IT can be flexible and scalable when a clear roadmap is set, delivering fast and agile business focused solutions with better controlled development and maintenance costs. We are looking at what causes unhealthy IT and how complexity can be reduced,” said Mark Record, Partner at Capco. “Using Capco’s four-point IT Health Check, organisations can identify and eliminate redundant, legacy, duplicated and overly complex infrastructures to ensure a much healthier IT future for their business.”

“Our mantra is for clients to take a holistic view of their IT landscape, not just the architecture and infrastructure but also their people,” added Mark. “Too often we are called in to help a client when their IT heath is critical and requires major surgery. Preventative medicine could have saved losses but firms don’t have the proprietary tools available to be able to continuously maintain or improve their IT landscape’s health. By using the Capco IT Health Check service we are partnering with clients as their trusted adviser to ensure they have a more efficient and effective future IT environment, enabling them to realise maximum savings and grow their business effectively and efficiently.”