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SunGard’s Valdi Adds Hosted Access to Pan-European Trading Platform Equiduct

SunGard has extended its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based Valdi offering to provide its customers with access to Equiduct, the pan-European trading platform focused on offering retail participants access to best execution. SunGard’s Valdi hosted access infrastructure is proximity-hosted with Equiduct’s trading engine, which helps Valdi customers benefit from low-latency market data and order routing.

Brokers that want to use smart order routing to help offer their clients best execution need access to multiple trading venues, many of which were launched following the implementation of the European MiFID legislation. As a hosted service, Valdi helps customers reduce the cost of owning and managing a trading technology infrastructure while helping them trade on multiple global trading venues like Equiduct. In tandem with the hosted access offering, SunGard has also become a market data vendor for Equiduct.

Peter Randall, chief executive officer of Equiduct, said, “Equiduct’s clients need to meet regulatory obligations like MiFID and provide order-by-order best execution to their clients. As the number of trades rises on our trading platform, adding access through SunGard’s Valdi solution will facilitate access to new participants and extend the reach of Equiduct’s market data.”

Philippe Carré, global head of connectivity for SunGard’s capital markets business, said, “Capital markets firms need to continually invest in order to reduce the latency of their trading infrastructures and expand the scope of their activities while reducing operational risk. SunGard’s Valdi helps retail and institutional brokers connect to new trading venues such as Equiduct without the need to install hardware, helping them reduce costs. Furthermore, hosting Valdi next to Equiduct’s trading platform in the Interxion financial ecosystem helps minimize latency further.”