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FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition: discover new opportunities fueled up by the next generation analytic system

FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition — a joint solution from Diasoft and IBM — represents a single integrated complex for processing extra large sets of analytical data in minimal time.

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting edge financial software solutions, announced its new offering for the modern financial market — FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition. This joint solution from Diasoft and IBM represents a single integrated complex for processing extra large sets of analytical data in minimal time.

The integration of FLEXTERA BI and IBM NETEZZA is a new approach to building high performance data storage solutions. This approach ensures quick launch of business intelligence systems and increased speed of tasks related to data processing, calculation of analytical measures, and report generation.

The benchmarking has proven high efficiency of the new hardware and software complex, having shown the performance that exceeds dozens of times the performance of similar complexes from other vendors. To perform the benchmarking, the experts chose the most complicated forms of statutory reporting. Working with the same data sets, FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition deployed on IBM NETEZZA 1000-3 made necessary calculations for the selected forms 19 times faster than FLEXTERA BI that was run on IBM Power 750. Such impressive results were due to the undoubtful technological advantages of IBM NETEZZA. This special solution is fully ready for operation and contains pre-installed software that is optimized to solve BI tasks through speeding up data requests on the hardware level. Besides, the solution requires minimal administration and configuration efforts.

With the advent of the Big Data Era, financial institutions formulate new requirements toward analytic systems. These requirements are stipulated by the need to efficiently analyze extra large sets of data and ensure high reliability of the system while launching multiple parallel processes. The traditional database servers that cannot cope with the growing data volumes are replaced with new generation systems that represent integrated hardware and software platforms for processing of analytical data (e.g. Multi Parallel Processing, MPP).

FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition — a single integrated complex of components and technologies for building a corporate BI infrastructure of the largest financial institutions — was specially developed to perform the most complicated BI tasks.

Implementing FLEXTERA BI Netezza Edition — the modern hardware and software platform that incorporates a wide array of FLEXTERA BI applications (such as FLEXTERA MIS Reporting, FLEXTERA Statutory Reporting, FLEXTERA IFRS Reporting, business planning applications, solutions for bank product analysis, etc.) — financial institutions acquire the following technological components:

  • High technology servers;
  • A comprehensive toolkit for loading, storage, processing, and quality control of data;
  • Configurable data model, capable to cover requirements of any bank;
  • Integrated development environment for analytic applications — the system allows technologists and analysts configure calculation algorithms on their own with simultaneous generation of the SQL-code and support of SQL Netezza syntax.