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Actuate Unveils BIRT iHub: Next Generation Big Data Hub

Framework to Deliver Insights to End Users From Big Data to Touch Devices

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company™ – delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined – today announced the BIRT iHub, a next generation solution deployment framework for delivering applications that keep end users up to date on the insights they need to run their businesses - wherever they are. As the latest addition to ActuateOne, BIRT iHub helps organizations detect and operationalize data-derived insights while addressing today’s key deployment issues, such as:

  • To stay abreast of Big Data, and data in all of its forms, without increasing investments in decaying data warehouses;
  • To meet the increasing end user requirement to access and respond to data anywhere using their mobile touch devices;
  • To increase the value of information available to these users by providing deeper, more robust means to analyze information.

Traditional approaches to Business Intelligence have required a lengthy, costly and involved set of processes to define and maintain a data warehouse, process and populate these data stores and then deploy multiple schema-dependent BI tools to give end users the information they are demanding. The BIRT iHub broadens the ActuateOne infrastructure to let organizations nimbly deploy solutions that:

  • Access and combine increasingly diverse data sources, including Big Data, cloud and social media to understand more about their business;
  • Cater to increased consumption of information on touch devices, such as tablets and smartphones;
  • Visualize, profile, associate and mine huge sets of information to quickly and easily discover, analyze and even predict key business outcomes to improve competitive advantage;
  • Allow information-centric applications to evolve with user needs, thus enabling deployment of a larger number of simple apps for wider audiences;
  • Accelerate development cycles and creation of applications that deliver a faster time to value;
  • Take advantage of flexible virtualization to scale and contract their applications as appropriate in public/private/hybrid clouds and via SaaS and PaaS environments;
  • Are easy for any IT staffer to efficiently deploy as developers become less specialized and their skills sets become more horizontal;
  • Embrace emerging data management and mobile technologies.

Actuate will be launching a series of ActuateOne solutions based on the BIRT iHub in the coming months. Because of Actuate’s long standing leadership in interactive content, scale, performance, reliability, flexibility and security, ActuateOne solutions delivered by the BIRT iHub are able to evolve as performance measures and end user requirements change simultaneously. Because BIRT iHub provides all of the elements needed to deploy intuitive, self-service information applications, non-technical users are presented with insights identified through visual data mining and predictive analytics, plus dashboards and managed metrics that operationalize KPIs to minimize risk, manage costs and speed business success.

”With the BIRT iHub, ActuateOne becomes even better equipped to deploy any application that delivers insight derived from Big Data - all the way to touch devices,” said Pete Cittadini, CEO and President, Actuate Corporation. “ActuateOne with BIRT iHub is ready to meet customer needs today and tomorrow, no matter what follows Big Data. Business users want to be able to answer more complex inquiries, and with BIRT iHub combining technology from Quiterian in the form of BIRT Analytics with the entire Actuate product line, the inability to combine analytical power and simplicity will become a thing of the past.”