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SunGard Launches IntelliMatch Operational Control for Reconciliations on Tablets and Touch-based Notebooks

SunGard has launched tablet versions of IntelliMatch Operational Control for Windows 8 and Apple IOS6 to help business and IT users access reconciliations online virtually anytime, anywhere. The new versions, one of the first in the reconciliations industry, bring real-time, 24x7 access to SunGard’s IntelliMatch Operational Control solution suite.

Today, complex and widespread regulation is driving bank operations to continuously monitor and respond to critical operational risk indicators. In parallel, rapid consumer adoption of tablet devices has migrated to the workplace, as operations managers capitalize on the portability and instant connectivity they offer. Consequently, there is a convergence between operational requirements for real-time risk metrics and the usability and accessibility of tablets.

The tablet versions of IntelliMatch Operational Control provide business and IT users with the capability to monitor activities, undertake reconciliation tasks, and respond to requests ‘on the go’; helping improve efficiency and transparency while minimizing operational risk. New Windows 8 features helped SunGard improve upon the ability for operations managers to address key risk and oversight:

· Compatibility with existing security and software enables use of existing office software from Excel to email for operational managers

· Performance of underlying processors enable multiple concurrent business applications to run from the same single device at the same time for rapid completion of business tasks

· Reconciliation tiles provide critical business metrics at a glance without the need to drill down or scroll through details

· Snap helps multi-tasking by allowing users to switch between email, notes, Excel and other applications, while monitoring the reconciliation environment

IntelliMatch Operational Control for tablet devices has been designed and built through a strategic technology collaboration between SunGard, Microsoft and Intel.

Karen Cone, general manager, Worldwide Financial Services Sector, Microsoft Corp., commented: “The IntelliMatch Operational Control tablet solution for Windows 8 will help improve operational efficiencies to enhance enterprise performance in reconciliations processing. The app combines the affordability and enhanced security of Windows 8 with the rich functionality of IntelliMatch Operational Control to address the growing need for increased connectivity with reconciliations processes.”

Jennifer Hanes, executive vice president, Operations for SunGard’s banking business said: “We have worked closely with Intel and Microsoft to capitalize on exciting new features that help provide banks with continuous visibility into critical reconciliation activities through notifications or on-line escalation. This is part of a wider investment program that includes support for IOS6 devices and will help transform the evolution of the mobile workforce.”

SunGard’s support of both IOS6- and Windows 8 Intel-based tablet or Ultrabook devices will help operations executives remain always on and always connected.