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Neue Aargauer Bank offers its customers the SecureSafe service from DSwiss

Following the recent launch with Zürcher Kantonalbank, Neue Aargauer Bank are the latest bank to offer their customers the highly secure online SecureSafe storage service from DSwiss AG.

SecureSafe provides users with a secure repository for digital files as well as a password safe. Digital documents, sensitive information and passwords are stored as safely as if they were in a Swiss bank deposit box. Stored files and passwords can be retrieved at anytime and anywhere via a web-browser, iPhone, iPad or an Android Smartphone. Banks are able to provide their customers with a SecureSafe personal online safe that can be effortlessly integrated into their existing e-banking platform and ensures that customers have a long-term archive for their important electronic and financial documents.

The Neue Aargauer Bank has put their trust in SecureSafe and will be offering all NAB customers a free one year SecureSafe SILVER account. NAB were convinced by the high level of security and the benefits of customers being about the securely store all their digital assets in one place. SecureSafe meets the highest safety requirements from securely delivering documents to a user terminal; to storing the data in Swiss banking-compliant data centers. The stored files and passwords are protected by approved encryption methods. In addition, no third parties can ever gain access to the online safes and that includes either NAB or DSwiss employees.

Christian Schwarzer, CEO DSwiss AG: "Banks such as the Zürcher Kantonalbank and the Neue Aargauer Bank have thoroughly examined our high safety standards. They are certain that their customers will benefit from a service that provides a secure digital safe deposit box for storing important and confidential documents and passwords that can also be accessed easily through one of the many SecureSafe apps."

NAB customers receive the following benefits from their 1 year free SecureSafe account:

  • Safely store passwords and never have to worry about forgetting them – passwords for email accounts and online banking, bank card PINs and mobile phone PINs are easily stored and fully protected in the highly secure online storage from SecureSafe. Always accessibly anytime and anywhere.
  • Store contracts and important documents in your secure online storage – current lease contract, the deed to your house, documents relating to bank loans and mortgages, construction plans and calculations or warranty certificates. Simply upload files or photos with your iPhone and store this information safely and for the long-term.
  • Make provisions for the future with the data inheritance feature of SecureSafe. Each SecureSafe user can decide which items of data they would like to assign to a beneficiary or beneficiaries in the event of an emergency. This ensures that partners and family members can quickly access credentials, passwords and important policy information, if required.