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Systar Reports FY2012 Consolidated Results

Strong growth of software revenue: +23%

Rapid increase in operating income: +221%

Sustained revenue growth

In fiscal year 2012, total revenues reached €23.0 million, up 14% with a significant improvement in the

mix between software and services revenues, despite a year-over-year decline in the fourth quarter.

Software revenue (License and Maintenance) reached €16.6 million, up 23%, driven by a strong

increase in licenses revenue, up 45% to €8.3 million. Systar gained 14 new customers during fiscal

year 2012.

The strategy to grow a broader ecosystem of integrators and partners has increased the proportion of

Systar’s software revenue which accounted for 72% of consolidated revenues in FY2012 and thus has

decreased the proportion of lower margin services revenue.

In geographic terms, 47% of revenue came from France, 34% from Europe-Asia-Pacific and 19% from

North America. Growth came mainly from international sales: +28% in Europe-Asia-Pacific and +25%

in North America, while France grew +2%.

Income and financial situation on June 30th, 2012

0perating income increased strongly to €2.8 million in fiscal year 2012 compared to €0.9 million in

fiscal year 2011, thanks to the strong growth in license sales, the improved revenue mix and good

control of operating expenses (+5%). After financial charges, exchange rate changes and taxes,

consolidated net income stood at + €2.7 million compared to + €0.8 million the previous year.

On June 30, 2012, equity stood at €9.7 million vs. €9.0 million on June 30, 2011 and cash net of

financial debts improved by 20%, moving to + €4.15 million on June 30, 2012 from €3.45 million on

June 30, 2011.

A structurally growing and promising market

While the economic outlook has been more uncertain for the past six months, particularly in Southern

Europe and France, the volume of deals in the pipeline remains solid in Europe as well as in North

America and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the impact of the financial crisis, banks continue to require Operational Intelligence software

such as Systar’s solutions, because they help them to be proactive in key areas, such as servicing

their customers, achieving operational excellence, demonstrating their regulatory compliance and

reducing operational risks.

The new complexities resulting from the adoption of virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies

generate an increased need for control and optimization. This trend should continue to have a positive

impact on Systar’s sales in the IT infrastructure market.

Systar: a firm strategy to outperform the market

Systar intends to continue to fuel its medium- and long-term growth by leveraging its strengths, while

taking steps to grow prudently and profitably.

For the past four years, Systar has chosen a strategy centered on innovation, investing annually over

20% of its revenues in R&D. This strategy will result in the launch of several new products which will in

turn foster future revenue growth.

In early 2013, Systar will release to the market Tornado, its new platform, which for the first time in the

industry incorporates all the latest technologies critical to the resolution of Operational Intelligence

problems, including in Big Data and Cloud environments. The result of more than 150.000 hours of

R&D, Tornado combines an unparalleled depth of analysis and unmatched speed of implementation,

leading to shorter sales cycles and faster adoption by partners. Its flexibility of use, its ability to learn

from the past, its modeling and diagnosis power will further increase Systar’s advantages over its