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Pricing Partners Introduces its Revolutionary New Price-it Excel

Pricing Partners, the world leader in OTC derivatives pricing analytics, mathematical models and independent valuation, announced today to introduce its revolutionary OTC derivatives pricing analytics, Price-it® Excel 3.0. The new version of its pricing engine makes derivatives pricing process within one click to obtain both price and Greeks.

To make the derivatives pricing even more intuitive and transparent, Pricing Partners is committed to innovating its award winning solution Price-it® Excel. All thanks to its generic payoff description language powered by its eminent pricing library, Pricing Partners upgrades and improves the new generation Price-it® Excel in every way - simplified interface, abbreviated pricing process, advanced products structuring capabilities, comprehensive risk measurement reports and full auditable capacities.

Price-it® Excel 3.0 is enhanced with new features including:

  • Simplified pricing process: 3 steps pricing (load the market data, select models and numerical methods, and then price).
  • Prices and Greeks are obtained in one click.
  • Product description and the pricing results are centralized in one sheet.
  • Hundreds of templates to allow users to price any standard products easily: Templates provide ready-to-use market standard products with key characteristics. Users do not need to know price-it Language and can start immediately pricing a product.
  • Easy portfolio structuring, pricing and risk management
  • Extensive risk measurement reporting on both trade and portfolio level which enables to compute elements such as CVA, DVA, Bilateral CVA, VaR on CVA, DVA and Bilateral CVA, CVaR, etc. The aggregation mechanism at the portfolio level has been greatly optimized to reduce computing time to its strict minimum with lots of intermediate computation stored in memory.

Eric Benhamou, CEO at Pricing Partners comments, "The breakthrough pricing technology gives users the power and versatility to price any product or portfolio in a very simple way. Pricing Partners is investing a lot in R&D to keep its products ahead of the competition. This new version pushes the limit of simplicity for complex products beyond our expectation. I am sure our clients will appreciate."