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IT2 Treasury Solutions launches v8.0 TMS

IT2 Treasury Solutions has today announced the launch of its new IT2 8.0: Reimagine Treasury product. The upgraded treasury management system (TMS) has a new interface to aid greater efficiencies and ease-of work and is also more compatible with multiple operating systems thanks to an adaptive display, meaning it can more easily be used across different desktops, tablets and mobile phones allowing users to switch devices seamlessly.

According to IT2 the updated version 8.0 TMS also has ‘one click’ treasury intelligence functions that should help support better, quicker decision-making due to the re-jigged interface displaying data streams and execution options more intuitively. There is also a touch screen option.

“IT2 8.0 enables treasurers to meet the demands of increased uncertainty, tightened credit and higher levels of market volatility with more confidence than ever before,” says Paul Higdon, chief technology officer (CTO) at IT2 Treasury Solutions. “IT2’s intelligent interface makes it the first TMS of a new breed of business applications. 8.0 puts the user’s needs first, delivering access to all treasury information, control and execution via keyboard and mouse or direct touch, in the office or on the move, in real-time, on the device of their choice. The vivid new user experience puts decision support at the treasurer’s fingertips and is, above all, a pleasure to use.”

Other technical developments include treasury in the cloud functionality and Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) in anticipation of an upsurge in this multibank capability. IT2 8.0 also has Automated Bank Profiling which can handle variations in different banks’ portal solutions and messaging formats, says the vendor, further paving the way for multibank eBAM. It builds on the detailed experiences of pilot users and banks to deliver an effective IT2 eBAM solution for what the technology firm describes as ‘real world’ situations.

In addition, IT2 8.0 now supports an even broader range of technical options for deployment. As the CTO Higdon, explains: “IT2 can be installed locally or hosted externally using dedicated hardware or cloud-based platforms. This means that treasurers can select the deployment model that best fits their IT policy and budget.” Upfront capital expenditure on buying a system outright might be more cost efficient in the long-term, but for those without large budgets a cloud delivered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution might be preferable.

Other claimed functional enhancements to IT2 8.0 include greater flexibility for the engagement of remote subsidiary organisations in cash and treasury management and reporting via the IT2 NET web-based reporting interface. There is also an enhanced intraday reconciliation process, says the vendor, and several powerful workflow and reporting improvements.