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Capco Named to Consulting Magazine’s “2012 Best Firms to Work For”

Recognition marks firm’s second appearance on the ranking

Capco, a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry, have announced that the firm has been named as one of Consulting magazine’s 2012 “Best Firms to Work For.” Capco gained the 13th position out of 15 in the survey. This year’s ranking was compiled utilizing the results of the magazine’s annual survey.

“Capco’s consultants are passionate about the financial services industry, and that appetite to be the best drives much of the culture and environment at the firm,” said Ismail Amla, Capco CEO, North America. “Our clients are undergoing tremendous transformation, and that has created opportunities for excellence throughout the firm.”

The ranking shows Capco especially excelling in the categories of “work/life balance” and “career development.” The “work/life balance” category reflects how well consultants feel their firm allows them to balance life outside of the office. Capco’s placement in this category is reflective of the firm’s entrepreneurial culture, which provides teams with tremendous flexibility regarding work and travel, from allowing members to work remotely from home or arranging flexible travel schedules to accommodate family and personal commitments.

The second category, “career development,” looks at the firm’s ability to set and communicate goals to further employee growth. Capco prides itself on the expertise of its consultants, and is committed to helping employees continually broaden their industry knowledge and skill base -- at every stage of their career -- through a wide range of eLearning and classroom training opportunities.

Capco’s consultants are enthusiastic participants in getting the word out about their unique work environment. The firm’s groundbreaking video series [email protected] was done in-house and features the firm’s own employees, not actors. The result is a series that demonstrates the sincere enthusiasm employees have for the firm.

“We have a number of innovative and culture-enriching processes that come directly from our people,” said Joan Stack, head of Capco Human Capital. “Our internal social media platform was designed and built by one of our Consultants and we have adopted this for staffing as well as connecting and communicating. Our “Consulting Accelerator Program,” a new recruitment tool, derived from internal discussions on how we can best continue to deliver on our brand promise of world-class consulting expertise combined with deep industry experience. Through this intense two- week development program, which is followed by on-the job mentoring and work experience, Capco is creating our next generation of consulting talent.”

In order to achieve placement on the final Consulting magazine list, consultancies were ranked within 6 categories covering the key aspects of being a Best Firm, including: client engagement, firm culture, career development, compensation satisfaction, work/life balance and firm leadership.