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Panopticon Unveils HTML5 Client for its Enterprise Data Visualization Platform

The new thin client provides a complete range of interactive filtering capabilities for analytical dashboards on mobile devices, including Apple iPads and Android tablets and enables clients to maintain high levels of security for their proprietary data.

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that the latest release of its popular data visualization system supports a new HTML5 thin client for tablet deployments. Version 5.11 of the system enables client organizations to make fully interactive dashboards available to mobile users and does not require installation of any software or browser plugins on the mobile device.

Panopticon clients, which include BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Citadel, and other large financial institutions, use Panopticon visualization tools to monitor and analyze market, credit and counterparty risk, trading and portfolio performance as well as for transaction cost analysis (TCA) and fraud detection.

Panopticon minimizes the total latency for informed decision-making with its ability to connect directly to real-time streaming data feeds, including message queues and CEP engines and its extensive range of data visualization tools optimized for time series analysis. The system incorporates unique in-memory OLAP cubes that allow users to aggregate, slice, dice, filter, and screen their data on-the-fly. Its high density visualizations are specifically designed to make it easy for people to identify trends, outliers, and clusters quickly.

The new HTML5 client supports the same level of filtering and interactivity available in the product’s standard Java applet web client and desktop client. The Panopticon design team focused their efforts on optimizing the tablet experience and taking advantage of the specific capabilities offered by iPad and Android tablets. The new HTML5 client also supports a special smartphone client function that offers summary dashboard views for devices with limited screen real estate; it allows users to see properly scaled summary views of Panopticon workbooks and dashboards.

Panopticon Version 5.11 is now shipping and is available to all licensed users.

In addition to the HTML5 client, Version 5.11 adds new support for non-additive data sets, including multiple Value at Risk (VaR) hierarchies.

Peter Simpson, Panopticon’s Senior Vice President of R&D, said, "We invested a lot of time in formulating our approach to creating the HTML5 client. We realized that our customers needed more than a simplistic view of their data; they need fully interactive dashboards that enable in depth analysis of large and complex data sets. Version 5.11 supports an HTML5 client that is optimized for iPad and still looks and feels like our standard desktop client. Panopticon clients can now use tablets to access and analyze data from tick databases, streaming feeds from CEP engines and real-time message queues, relational databases, OData sources, and more."