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Misys Announces Integrated Solution Strategy Following Merger with Turaz

Misys has unveiled its vision and strategy for the business going forward following its acquisition by Vista and merger with Turaz. Just over two weeks after the new combined business was launched, more than 500 delegates at Misys' European Customer Conference in Lisbon were shown an example of the new integrated solution strategy in action as a complex cross asset trade was seamlessly processed using a combination of Misys Summit, Kondor+ and Sophis RISQUE.

Customers and partners at the conference were introduced to Misys' leadership team and heard how Misys will protect the investment that its customers have made in its solutions over the years; Misys confirmed its commitment to delivering on its published product roadmaps.

Misys is extending its capabilities to help customers address the most complex problems that banks and financial institutions encounter across the whole of their banking and trading book. The attendees were given the first glimpse of Misys Global Risk, a combination of the powerful solutions from Misys and Turaz resulting in a comprehensive set of risk management and control solutions that provides a total view of market, credit and liquidity risk.

"The combination of two of the leading financial services software providers has resulted in a portfolio of products and domain expertise second to none," states Bret Bolin, CEO of Misys, who opened the conference. "This is an exciting time for us, our customers and partners as we leverage the combined strength of Misys and Turaz so that our customers can realise the value of an extended and aligned solution set, improved customer focus, increased capabilities, and extended team capacity."

Nadeem Syed, President and COO, Misys adds, "As well as protecting our clients' investments in our solutions we will leverage our extensive research capabilities to innovate and enhance the value of our solutions for customers. By using common components across our suite of solutions we will benefit more of our customer base enabling them to pursue market opportunities, accelerate risk strategy to capitalise on regulatory drivers and re-use shared applications to allow them to adopt new business models and search for new revenue opportunities. It's what I call 1 + 1 = 3".

Misys also announced several new client wins across the combined business, bringing the total number of customers that have chosen to benefit from BankFusion solutions to 55, as well as several strategic wins across the entire product portfolio. Bret Bolin adds, "Even through the turbulent last 3 months, the combined organisation delivered strong results. I am especially excited about our continued market share growth in Banking, with several competitive wins extending our BankFusion success story. With our renewed focus, strong product, client commitment and long-term stability, our growth in this segment will be unmatched."