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McObject eXtremeDB Financial Edition In-Memory DBMS Breaks Through Capital Markets’ Data Management Bottleneck

Reduces latency, and Increases Reliability and Throughput in Real-time Financial Systems

McObject®, developer of innovative real-time database system software, have announced eXtremeDB Financial Edition, the newest addition to its eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) product family. The Financial Edition provides a high speed database backbone for time-critical financial applications, enhancing their competitiveness by accelerating performance and effectively managing the flood of data that is generated in today’s automated capital markets.

eXtremeDB Financial Edition builds on the proven eXtremeDB database system product family to deliver the lowest latency and highest reliability and flexibility for developers of real-time financial applications. It leverages eXtremeDB’s streamlined in-memory database system and adds features designed for exchanges, trading organizations and financial technology providers seeking improved performance. Enhancements in the new version include:

  • Support for column-based data layout, which improves efficiency in handling time-series data such as ticks and quotes. With eXtremeDB Financial Edition, system designers can combine a columnar layout with traditional rows in a single database design, to optimize run-time efficiency.
  • A rich library of vector-based statistical functions that cut latency in time series data management and maximize efficiency of L1/L2 cache use.
  • Improved clustering technology that boosts distributed database performance and scalability.
  • A new GUI database monitor, to observe the effect of changes to the database or application on transaction throughput, memory consumption and other key factors when fine-tuning to reduce latency.

“Conventional database management systems lack the speed and efficiency needed to meet the demands of data-intensive processes in applications such as high frequency and algorithmic trading,” said Steve Graves, president and CEO of McObject. “Specialized DBMSs in the financial arena are typically costly and often lack features that should be a ‘given’ for database system, such as transactions to safeguard data integrity. eXtremeDB Financial Edition builds on McObject’s proven core eXtremeDB product, while adding functionality to cut through the financial IT data management bottleneck.”