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Lån og Spar Personalizes the Customer Experience with SAS® Marketing Automation

Achieving personalized customer service is the goal for organizations that really care about customer engagement. Danish bank Lån og Spar is one of these. With 150,000 customers, offering a personalized experience during every customer interaction seemed elusive until it began using SAS Marketing Automation from business analytics software provider SAS, a leader in integrated marketing management, to better understand and engage with its customers.

62 analytically generated "client signals" form the basis of every customer communication. These signals range from fairly simple triggers, such as a large deposit of funds, or more complex triggers that take into account average daily deposits, withdrawals and 3rd party credit information. The signals help generate recommendations for products or offers that a customer will most likely respond to.

"We want our customers to feel special when they do business with us,” said Casper Gjerris, who has overall IT responsibility at Lån og Spar. “We want to personalize customer interactions as much as possible. With 150,000 customers this is difficult, which is why we use analytics from SAS to help automate our knowledge of the individual customer.”

Recommendations span both inbound and outbound interactions. Bank employees servicing inbound customer inquiries are presented with a menu of up to 5 offers specific to that customer, with accompanying information that explains exactly why those offers are best for that customer. Outbound sales associates are presented with analytically generated lists of customers most likely to respond to a specific product or line of service. Initial results are positive. Lån og Spar reported that a pilot outbound campaign resulted in a 72 percent response rate.

SAS Customer Intelligence is the most comprehensive suite of integrated enterprise marketing solutions available on the market today. Solutions include SAS Marketing Automation, SAS for Customer Experience Analytics, SAS Digital Marketing, SAS Social Media Analytics, SAS Marketing Optimization, SAS Marketing Operations Management and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager.