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DM BOS Selects SunGard’s Valdi and SGN Solutions for Trading and Connectivity Support

DM BOS, the Polish stock exchange member and OTC brokerage house, has selected SunGard’s Valdi and SunGard Global Network (SGN) for direct market access (DMA) and global connectivity for its traders. The deployment will help DM BOS prepare for the launch of the Warsaw Stock Exchange's (WSE) new NYSE Euronext UTP trading platform and help expand its business by offering connectivity to global exchanges and a network of trading participants

A specialist on the WSE’s fast growing futures and options market, DM BOS had the highest futures trading volumes on WSE in 2011. The firm will use Valdi’s automated trading tools for auto-hedging, index arbitrage, market making and contract rollover management. DM BOS will also use Valdi’s pre-trade risk management tools, together with WSE market connections and integrated FIX connectivity.

Przemyslaw Sobotowski, vice president of DM BOS, said, “SunGard proved to be the right technology partner to support our ambitious growth plans. The solution offers broad and deep functional coverage for trading and connectivity platform that will help us connect to the Warsaw Stock Exchange's launch of the NYSE Euronext UTP trading platform later this year.”

Philippe Carré, global head of connectivity for SunGard’s capital markets business, said, “SunGard’s Valdi and SGN solutions will help support DM BOS’s growth plans, improve its traders’ experience and facilitate connectivity to global exchanges and counterparties. SunGard has a strong local infrastructure in Poland, including a connectivity hub in Warsaw, and already supports trading and connectivity for many WSE members. We continue to develop our services in Poland, especially with regards to hosted services and co-location facilities.”