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Confirming ITS’ regional superiority - ITS is awarded ‘Technology Company of the Year 2012’ by Arabian Business

“A new achievement confirms the role of our Human capital and its ability to compete regionally and globally”, Al-Saeid, MD and GM, ITS Group

The International Turnkey Systems Group (ITS) has realized a new regional achievement by obtaining the "Best Technology Company of the Year 2012” award from Arabian Business Magazine. This award was presented in recognition of ITS’s recent achievements in the field of information, software development and technology.

Mr. Khaled Faraj Al-Saeid, Managing Director and General Manager of the ITS Group, received the award at a prestigious ceremony in the State of Kuwait. Mr Al-Saeid commented on being selected for this award by saying: “Once again ITS confirms its superiority by the testimony of others through obtaining one of the top regional awards and is highly recognized by companies and institutions in various sectors”.

He added: “For more than 30 years (the lifetime of the company) our Human Resources have played the most prominent and important role in realizing these achievements and have positioned the company to enable it to compete strongly within the market and most importantly to distinguish it through groups of solutions, products and services which have ultimately become the hallmark of ITS”.

Banking and Investment Sector

The ITS ETHIX financial solution is a recognized solution in meeting the requirements of Islamic and traditional financial organizations. ETHIX has assisted many banks and financial institutions to minimize their operational costs in responding to the increased demand of customers for both traditional and Islamic products and services.

In addition, through the use of the most advanced and developed technological solutions in the world, ETHIX Financial solutions is ranked globally as the premier total banking solution, fully compliant with Islamic Shari’a catering to Tier1 banks.

Higher Education Sector

The ITS OneCampus solution for the higher education sector provides a unique and innovative approach through technical and social integrated solutions accompanied by incomparable services.

The applications and the solutions provided by OneCampus are fully compatible with the future plans of any university or educational body which aim to keep pace with its growth and to ensure the best at educational, administrative and technical service levels.

During the last few years the ITS Group has succeeded in providing a range of unique solutions, systems and techniques which are suitable for universities and educational institutions across the Middle East. The ITS solutions are in line with the requirements of students in the region and it is this factor which distinguishes ITS from other companies operating in the same activity.

While modern technology has increased substantially it is the deep-rooted experience of the ITS Group which allows the company to meet client requirements and to successfully apply the OneCampus solutions with internationally high standard specifications.

Other Sectors

ITS serve a range of important markets including the banking and investment sector, communications, higher education, e-government, the oil sector and many others. Recently the group has witnessed a qualitative and distinctive leap in company activities and the various products it offers. With an innovative approach to the growing demands in large organizations & government entities, ITS P2B (Paper to Bits) offers a unique value proposition, offering comprehensive solutions and services, starting from Digitization, archiving, business process management, to case management.

The Arabian Business awards granted to various business sectors are considered as some of the most prominent and important awards which are presented to the business sector in the region.

The successful strategy of the ITS Group has enabled the company to double the ceiling of its returns and achieve significant company growth. By increasing total returns and the company’s equivalent in profits, ITS have been able to make both regional and strategic expansions, highlighting the role of HR in ITS.