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SunGard Combines MarketMap and Fame Energy under the MarketMap Brand

SunGard has merged and rebranded its Fame Energy solution to MarketMap Energy. SunGard's MarketMap solution suite provides cost-efficient access to real-time and historical market data from terminals, feeds, web components and historical data management solutions for the financial, energy and commodities sectors.

MarketMap Energy offers web-based applications, data feeds, hosted or onsite data management capabilities and managed services for the energy and commodities industry. It helps streamline the data collection and distribution processes and automates data quality checks, thereby helping increase efficiencies and reducing costs and resolving many of the time-consuming challenges associated with data management.

Robert Jeanbart, executive vice president and global head of SunGard’s MarketMap business unit, said, “The MarketMap and Fame Energy teams already have shared technology platforms and have been providing customers with high quality, cost-efficient historical market data and analytics across the financial, energy and commodities sectors. The new combination will help create additional value for our energy and commodities customers, with MarketMap Energy leveraging technology components and real-time market data from the MarketMap solution suite to deliver more comprehensive data coverage, market views and decision-making tools.”