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Renaissance Capital to Offer Connectivity to Emerging and Frontier Markets via the SunGard Global Network

Renaissance Capital, an emerging markets investment bank, has joined the SunGard Global Network (SGN) trading community. Renaissance Capital will be able to provide brokerage services for the Russian markets to the more than 2,000 asset managers and 530 brokers linked by SunGard’s international trading network.

SGN community members will also be able to route trade order flow directly to Russia’s MICEX-RTS Exchange Group and the London Stock Exchange’s International Order Book, where Russian stocks comprise 92% of trade volume.

Sam Atkins, head of Electronic Trading Group product development and exchange connectivity at Renaissance Capital, said, "Connecting to the SunGard Global Network will help us expand our geographic reach and increase our visibility, globally. Firms linked to the SunGard Global Network will be able to access our advisory services and leverage our expertise to access both emerging and frontier markets.”

Philippe Carré, global head of connectivity for SunGard’s capital markets business, said, “Investment firms and brokerages around the world are looking to emerging markets for new growth opportunities. However, connectivity to the trading exchanges in these geographies is generally complex because of the lack of infrastructure and the need for local, specialist knowledge. The addition of Renaissance Capital to the SunGard Global Network will help our customers more easily connect to these new sources of liquidity.”