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SonicWALL Addresses ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Trend for SMB Customers with Latest SSL VPN Firmware Release

New SSL VPN 6.0 firmware leverages enterprise-grade endpoint control capabilities from award-winning Aventail solution to secure non-IT-managed Windows devices

  • End Point Control (EPC) for Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series helps organizations manage consumerization of IT, offers powerful and flexible endpoint identification and interrogation of Windows-based devices
  • Secure Virtual Meeting technology boosts productivity and provides secure, cost-effective remote collaboration via host screen sharing, group chat and interactive polling
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service offers intelligent and simultaneous application profiling across multiple applications, proactively blocking day-zero attacks

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has caused IT departments in small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) to scramble as they work to adapt and manage security for sprawling corporate networks. Other than instituting an outright ban on outside devices and risking the ire of employees and vendor partners, SMBs have had few answers to the question of how they manage BYOD. Today, SonicWALL, Inc. launched SSL VPN 6.0 for the SRA Series. This firmware is specifically designed to give SMBs the tools they need to control access of non-IT-managed Windows® devices to the corporate network.

While few vendors even offer endpoint control for SMBs, SonicWALL® End Point Control for Secure Remote Access delivers a comprehensive suite of enterprise-class device identification and interrogation features. EPC for SRA uniquely identifies Windows-based endpoints and ties them to authorized users. It enables global-, group- or user-level end point assessment and enforcement by checking that essential security components such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall software are present and up-to-date on the device before allowing it to connect to the network.

“Our SonicWALL solutions keep us safe and secure from threats,” said Michael Giorgio, director of IT for Connex Corporation. “From a financial institution’s point of view, SonicWALL’s vision and expertise in security is outstanding. I have great confidence in placing our reputation in their hands every day.”

“SSL VPN with endpoint control is the ideal solution for small and mid-sized companies who are struggling to accommodate employee-owned devices and still maintain the security of their network,” said Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product management at SonicWALL. “With the features and capabilities provided with the SRA Series, SMBs can enjoy enterprise level endpoint security and benefit from cost-effective collaboration tools that significantly enhance productivity.”

SonicWALL Virtual Meeting boosts productivity through secure, cost-effective remote collaboration

SonicWALL Secure Virtual Meeting helps SMBs save time and money by instantly bringing meeting participants together in a secure and cost-effective fashion, reducing travel expenses and boosting productivity. The product is an alternative to many web- and cloud-based meeting solutions that lack security and charge monthly or yearly fees, even when services are not being used. Bundled with Secure Virtual Assist and Secure Virtual Access, Secure Virtual Meeting is purchased as a perpetual licensed service and has no usage restrictions. With host screen sharing, group chat and interactive polling functions, Secure Virtual Meeting is an ideal tool for SMBs looking to save on travel costs and minimizing their Total Cost of Ownership.

Award-winning Web Application Firewall Service proactively blocks day-zero attacks on web applications using Application Profiling

SonicWALL Web Application Firewall Service offers businesses a complete, affordable, well-integrated compliance solution to protect web applications from SQL injection, cross-site scripting and cookie tampering attacks, in accordance with OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS. It also prevents theft of credit card information and Social Security numbers. With the SMB SSL VPN 6.0 release, SonicWALL WAF enables automatic Application Profiling for multiple WAF-enabled portals. Application Profiling automatically suggests custom rules to help prevent day-zero attacks. In addition to learning from multiple offloaded web applications, it offers the ability to manage the generated custom rules on a per-portal basis. Web Application Firewall Service is an easy-to-deploy offering with advanced statistics and reporting options that helps meet compliance mandates.

SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series is the most comprehensive secure remote solution for the SMB market

The unmatched SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions provide organizations of all sizes, from SMB to enterprise, with secure, clientless remote access to business applications and resources. Utilizing a standard Web browser, authorized users can securely access email, files, intranets, web-based and legacy applications, desktops and servers from any location. The SonicWALL SRA Series integrates seamlessly into virtually any network topology. With no need for a pre-installed client, it eliminates deployment and ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with traditional IPSec VPN client software. SMB SSL VPN 6.0 is available for download now from MySonicWALL for SRA 1200, SRA 4200 and SRA Virtual Appliance customers with valid support contracts.