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Barclays Stockbrokers Investors Show Strong Appetite for Technology Sector

  • 80% of investors polled in survey are interested in the technology sector as an investment opportunity
  • Of those, one third (33%) already invest in the sector, while 16 per cent are considering adding this sector to their portfolio

Barclays Stockbrokers clients have revealed a strong appetite for investing in the technology sector, with 80% of investors polled in a recent survey showing interest in technology as an investment opportunity. The research from the UK’s largest online execution-only stockbroker asked clients for their outlook on the sector and found 33% of respondents already invest in technology and will seek further opportunities, while a further 31% say they will monitor the sector. A sixth said they don’t currently invest in technology but were considering it for their portfolio.

In a separate poll, Barclays Stockbrokers asked clients which sector most interests them for their investment portfolio and found 15% voted technology as a sector of choice. Other popular sectors were oil and gas (32%), financials (17%) and gold and mining (16%).

Paul Inkster, Head of Product, Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “Investing in technology has been a popular trend for some time and the demand for this sector is strong among our clients. Technology has featured prominently in the news agenda recently with strong performance seen in 2012 by big brands such as Google and Apple and it is clear that interest will remain in this sector as brands continue to innovate.

“For those interested in investing in the technology sector, the Barclays Stockbrokers International Trader platform is ideal for DIY investors who want to pick their own stocks and seek out opportunities in global markets.”

What is your investment outlook for the technology sector?

I already invest in the sector and will seek further investment opportunities 33%

I don’t currently invest in the sector but I am considering it for my portfolio 16%

I am going to monitor the sector for investment opportunities 31%

I don’t invest in the technology sector - it isn’t for me 20%

Total respondents: 763 (poll ran from 2nd May until 9th May 2012)

The sector I’m most interested in for my portfolio currently is:

Financials 17 %

Retail 5%

Gold/Mining 16%

Oil and gas 32%

Technology 15%

Telecoms 4%

Food & Beverages 5%

Travel 1%

Insurance 5%

Total respondents: 1,002 (poll ran from 2nd May until 9th May 2012)