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CDC Software Provides “Next Day” Complaints Management Solutions as Regulators Get Tough on Customer Service

Respond as a Service set-up and supporting customer service excellence in less than 24 hours

Respond, the market leading customer complaints management platform from CDC Software, is now available as a service following demand from retailers, banks, travel companies and service provider businesses for a “next day” solution.

Operational in less than 24 hours, the Software as a Service deployment option of Respond provides the same functionality and business benefits as the time proven on-premise version. Over 800 customer-facing and often highly regulated businesses have relied on Respond for customer complaints management for over 20 years.

“Demand for Respond as a service is high from both existing and new customers. For existing clients it provides a quick an easy upgrade path to Respond Version 5, an essential tool for regulatory reporting, and quick-fire expansion of user numbers,” explained Mark Chambers, Head of Solution Consulting at CDC Software.

“For new customers, the ability to have a proven customer complaints management system set-up in less than 24 hours is compelling and business changing, especially as both consumers and regulators are demanding customer service excellence,” continued Mark Chambers.

Respond as a Service has been extensively tested and piloted over the last 12 months. Tests included independent security and penetration assessments and service delivery processes.

Feedback from Respond customers conclusively demonstrated administrative efficiency gains within days of the application going live. The most immediate being the ability to greatly reduce the time it takes to register, file and resolve a complaint. These processes are now instantly automated, centralised and linked to workflows that ensure the most effective route to resolution is achieved.

Longer term benefits include automated customer correspondence; scheduled daily or weekly management status reports; regulatory compliance reports; integration with other customer databases via open APIs and the ability to analyse the stored data to establish the root cause of complaints and service issues so these can be put right before creating widespread concerns.

“Under the pressure of business growth and regulatory changes, manual complaints management processes are no longer reliable or cost effective. Purchasing Respond as an on-demand application, rather than a capital investment means businesses can have a fully functioning complaints management system in hours, without impacting IT budgets and internal IT resources,” explained Mark Chambers of CDC Software.

Billing for Respond as a Service is flexible. This makes the on-demand application ideal for businesses faced with sudden or seasonal increases in customer complaints or enquiries. It also offers businesses the same tools as their larger competitors, without the time and cost commitment of purchasing and maintaining the supporting IT infrastructure.

Alternatively, businesses that are looking to manage temporary peaks in customer complaints, for example those managing huge volumes of PPI claims would be ideal candidates for Respond as a Service.

Whilst many of these customers are facing pressure from the industry regulators to improve customer complaints management or face fines and potential product recalls, others have accepted that a cultural shift back to customer service excellence is needed if their businesses are to prosper and a review of processes is required.

“Respond as a Service offers businesses an alternative deployment option. It is set-up in less than 24 hours and requires minimal IT skills at the customer end. User training is included in the hosting agreement and there is a range of online tutorials and support guides to ensure maximum benefit is had from the application,” concluded Mark Chambers of CDC Software.

Respond as a Service is managed by CDC Software and hosted by an industry-leading hosting provider. Advanced monitoring systems guarantee service and each customer’s database is partitioned to ensure security.