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Broadgate Consultants launches BROADScale Cloud Readiness Checklist

Broadgate Consultants, the strategic IT consultancy has today unveiled its ‘Cloud Readiness Checklist’. The checklist is for use by business and IT leaders and has been designed to give a practical structure for companies considering transitioning to the cloud, allowing them to assess the company’s readiness to migrate and the likely obstacles and costs involved.

Broadgate Consultants helps organisations to define and execute their cloud strategy to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based consumption for their business applications. The checklist has been developed using Broadgate Consultants’ experience of real-life challenges faced by clients as they adapt and review their businesses and IT capabilities to accommodate the opportunities and challenges presented by cloud computing.

Richard Gale, Partner at Broadgate Consultants said: “2012 will be the year the hype around Cloud comes to an end and it becomes part of ‘business as usual’ for many companies. The time for talking is over – now it’s about practical steps to realise the benefits of cloud, where it works, where it doesn’t and what its capabilities are.

Following positive feedback from existing clients, we’re confident that our Cloud Readiness Checklist will provide a clear path through the host of challenges cloud poses for companies. While we hear a lot of discussion around the possibilities cloud computing offers, there’s still a lack of practical experience and methodologies to assist the companies throughout the change. We wanted to develop this checklist so companies like our clients can have a clear picture of where they are right now, where they need to get to and how to get there. The key starting point is establishing a clear roadmap.”

The checklist helps to answer 3 key questions:

  • What is your rationale for moving to the Cloud?
  • What is the current state of your technology services?
  • How and what will we move to the Cloud, and what is the business case?