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The popularity of tablets among treasurers & wealth managers is set to soar, says Ovum

The ability of tablet devices, such as the iPad, to accommodate corporate treasurers' needs and wealth managers wants when they are out of the office has been investigated by the Ovum consultancy in a new report entitled ‘Tablet Adoption in Corporate Banking and Wealth Management’.

The Ovum report found that there is an increasing movement from downloadable app-based solutions towards browser-based software among corporate treasurers and wealth managers, but the technology consultancy says full web-based functionality is still a year off for some useful applications. Of course, some treasuries may be more advanced in their tablet adoption, allowing staff to authorise payments, transactions and shipments while on the move. The ability to interact with your corporate bank on a standardised platform while out of the office is also a key consideration.

“HTML5 is becoming more robust and will gain momentum through 2012,” points out Rik Turner, a senior analyst at Ovum and author of the report, when discussing the reasons why tablets are likely to gain wider acceptance among businesses. Up until now Apple’s iPad has not been able to access pdfs, an important resource for corporate treasurers’, but HTML5 will change this. “Features such as the ability to work offline, access on-device contact lists, and so on, are in development and although there is still a significant drawback to be addressed in the form of code security, this too may not be an insurmountable obstacle,” adds Turner.

With these improvements combined with the downloadable apps’ immense shortcoming – a different version must be written for each operating system the developer wants them to run on – Ovum expects to see more companies looking at browser-based functionality a year from now.

The Ovum report looked at the tablet as an aid to customer interaction in face-to-face meetings in the wealth management sector, alongside corporate treasury and banking uses.