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Volta to join the data centre dance in City of London & open new building

A new 8,500 square metre data centre is to open in the City of London on 1 January 2013 thanks to Volta, which is taking over the old Reuters building on Great Sutton Street near to the so-called ‘silicon roundabout’ district on the edge of the conurbation of banks and financial institutions in the square mile.

The new data centre is targeting latency-sensitive clients, particularly trading banks in the City of London, and has a resilient power supply thanks to its connection to two 33kv substations. The history of the building also ensures that it benefits from having a number of telecommunication providers in-situ, including Colt, Verizon, C&W, BT, AboveNet, EU networks and Geo Networks, all of whom can be specified as connectivity partners for clients considering moving in when the new facility opens in 2013.

Private caged data suite options will be available, alongside proximity hosting co-location facilities, in the old Reuters building which is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment prior to its re-opening as a data centre.

Volta is backed by equity funding managed by the Apollo Global Management real estate group and the Glebe London Limited Partnership. It was formed by industry veterans Matthew Dent, former group property director and deputy chief executive at Global Switch, Julian King, former Global Switch commercial director, and Ian Charles Wright, ex-chairman of ICW Power and a former non-executive director at HPF. The latter is confident that the new data centre will have “remarkably low power usage effectiveness (PUE)” efficiency ratings thanks to the firm’s plans to install “the latest engineering technology” and the building’s pre-existing connections.

Commenting on the announcement of the new data centre, Matthew Dent, chief executive of Volta, said: “The opportunity to invest in continuing the legacy of the Great Sutton Street data centre building, which has provided services since 1986, is an exciting prospect for us. We will completely refurbish the building, installing the latest and most energy efficient equipment. This unique opportunity will provide a much needed service to the financial, media and content industries of Central London.”

New analysis
With the imminent 2012 Olympic Games in London having forced a lock down on new data centres in London to preserve much needed power supplies, the fact that Volta has the opportunity to open this building relatively quickly post-Games should ensure they win some business due to the pent-up demand in the capital city. Revealing the location of the planned new data centre may not have been so wise though for clients seeking anonymity and compliance with internal security protocols, but the relatively small number of sites for data centres in central London means the prime locations do tend to leak out.

If the economic situation in the City of London picks up by 2013 – and presuming that the French election doesn’t lead to a financial transaction, or so-called tobin tax – then there will no doubt be a slew of customers waiting to move into this new building or access its connections when it opens.