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XSP Introduces XSPrisa™ SaaS Offering for Corporate Actions Processing

Instant, Inexpensive and Secure Cloud Product Simplifies Risky Back-Office Operation

XSP, the global leader in automated end-to-end Corporate Actions solutions, announced today the release of the XSPrisa™ software as a service (SaaS) offering. This new enterprise-grade cloud offering is designed to provide the financial services industry with real cost savings, security and agility around the Corporate Actions process. XSPrisa leverages the power of the award-winning XSP® v5 platform in the cloud providing clients with a customizable, secure and flexible user experience for automating the complexities of Corporate Actions processing.

XSPrisa reduces the operational overhead and capital expenditure required for large-scale, enterprise software. With the pay-as-you-go, subscription-based model, firms experience higher levels of productivity and efficiency at a cost that fits the way they operate. The XSPrisa solution is a business-enabler that provides clients with a technology solution to a complex business problem. Users are able to address the complexities of the Corporate Actions management process while speeding up return on investment and reducing many of the hurdles normally associated with the acquisition and management of enterprise software.

“We have always envisioned a product with limitless opportunities to reach consumers of Corporate Actions data,” stated Daniel E. Retzer, Chief Technology Officer at XSP. “While XSP continues to maintain the full features of the current XSP v5 platform – available as a local deployment or in a Dedicated Private Cloud environment – we recognize tremendous opportunities in providing a lighter, more agile cloud-based offering with this SaaS solution. XSPrisa allows clients to sign onto the service simply by accessing the web site. It’s all delivered seamlessly and securely to each user’s customized dashboard via the Web, while the monitoring and management of the system is handled by XSP professionals in a state-of-the-art cloud data center.”

“Financial services companies are tapping into cloud services at a rapid pace and Corporate Actions is a logical place for them to start,” commented Adam Wray, President and CEO, Tier 3. “With their industry-leading Corporate Actions solution backed by an enterprise-grade cloud offering from Tier 3, XSP is offering customers the kind of security, compliance and high availability that financial services companies require combined with the flexibility and agility of the cloud.”