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SoftSmiths Releases Latest Version of PJM SaaS Applications

SoftSmiths, Inc., a leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise solutions for energy transaction management, today announced the release of a new version of SoftSmiths Market-PJM and SoftSmiths LMP-PJM. Based on its SoftSmiths TMS platform, the new versions feature improvements for functionality, analysis and usability already available in the SoftSmiths Market products for ERCOT and CAISO.

SoftSmiths Market-PJM provides PJM market participants machine-to-machine interfaces with the ISO, based on the PJM interface specifications, as well as the screens that allow users to enter, adjust and submit bids and schedules, and to manage settlements by performing shadow settlement and facilitating settlement verification and reconciliation.

SoftSmiths LMP-PJM is a decision support tool with a historical pricing data repository that facilitates historical trend analysis and research. This capability is critical to many market activities, including the optimization of trading strategies.

SoftSmiths TMS for PJM applications are available through SoftSmiths' Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, a cloud-based environment that requires only a web-browser for simple and fast access to the service, while eliminating the headaches involved in purchasing and managing hardware and software. And thanks to the cloud, all of it comes with low cost, low risk, and fast results.

"Buyers are seeking a multi-market platform that offers the flexibility to handle the differences between markets while offering a high degree of uniformity so that users can focus on their core business functions", said Hugo Stappers, Director of Sales and Marketing at SoftSmiths. “SoftSmiths Markets has been recognized by market participants as a leading ISO submission and settlement solution that is replacing existing manual processes and heavy custom legacy market settlement systems."