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StatPro Revolution sees growth in Private Wealth and Registered Investment Advisor markets

Private wealth managers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) tout increased AUM growth, stronger internal operations and lower total cost of ownership as a result of adopting the cloud based portfolio analytics platform.

StatPro Inc. (AIM: SOG), a leading global provider of portfolio analytics and data valuation solutions, has seen increased demand for StatPro Revolution from private wealth managers and RIAs. The company reported that the two market segments together account for over 60% of StatPro Revolution’s client base in North America.

StatPro Revolution is a cloud based portfolio analytics and reporting platform that enables money managers always-on access to the granular drivers affecting their clients’ portfolio performance. In addition to incorporating institutional grade portfolio analytics, the platform also provides money managers with the means to distribute reports internally and externally, making communication with clients, prospects and employees easier than ever. Private wealth managers and RIAs have benefitted from the wealth of functionality, specifically access to risk metrics like portfolio stress-testing and Value at Risk calculations that the platform provides.

StatPro Revolution client, PlanStrong Investments, recently cited 15% growth in AUM over a 3 month period as a result of using StatPro Revolution to help sell their service. “With StatPro Revolution, our prospective clients have an easy to digest visual ‘test-drive’ of our investment solutions and strategies. The reports include vital information about distributions, re-investments and accurately calculate several metrics over a custom timeframe,” quotes Sr. Investment Analyst, Alex Bender.

“Using StatPro Revolution has profoundly changed the way that I’m able to run my business,” says Robert Regan, Jr. Managing Principal of Regan Investments, a Minnesota based RIA. “I think the convenience of having all of the data at our fingertips from anywhere in the world is a huge reassurance for us. I can be anywhere and have the ability to look at our clients’ portfolio performance and provide updates based on their request. I no longer have to spend hours computing Sharpe and Sortino ratios. The operational savings is an enormous bonus of the technology.”

The heightened market volatility since 2008 has had a tremendous impact on the investor/money manager relationship. Not only are money managers looking for investment vehicles that will generate positive returns for their clients but also access to the analytic tools that will provide them with the ability to assess the probability of future losses.

“Analytical and reporting tools play a vital role in the success of private wealth managers and RIAs,” says Andrew Peddar, CEO of StatPro North America. “StatPro Revolution fills a huge hole in the market for the type of analytics (like risk, attribution, contribution and stress testing) that were once prohibitively expensive. Our clients have learned quickly how to leverage the information that our product provides and distribute it to their advantage. We look forward to serving these markets with continuous innovation and at an affordable price.”

In order to fuel continued growth in the RIA market, StatPro will announce a new pricing structure for RIAs in the next few weeks. The product is currently available for $100 per portfolio/month.