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Surecomp Celebrates 25 Years of Industry Leadership

Surecomp, a leading provider of global trade solutions for financial institutions and corporations, is marking 25 years of innovation and leadership in 2012. Established in 1987, Surecomp is an industry pioneer and leader with a proven track record delivering cutting-edge trade services solutions to major banks, financial services providers and enterprises across the globe.

Over the past quarter century, Surecomp has focused on understanding the unique requirements of the trade services market. Leveraging its deep familiarity with customer needs, Surecomp has introduced breakthrough innovations to the industry.

With over 200 trade finance experienced professionals and support offices in six countries, Surecomp has evolved into the largest dedicated trade finance solution provider in terms of products, customers and professionals.

“Surecomp has earned an impeccable reputation as a ground-breaking developer and vendor of global trade solutions,” remarked Joel Koschitzky, Surecomp Founder & Chairman. “Thanks to 25 years of consistent leadership and an ongoing pursuit of excellence, Surecomp has built a large customer base of satisfied banks and corporations worldwide. Our stability and growth is unique in our industry.”