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Almost Half of Investors Turn from Europe Seeking Opportunities Elsewhere

• 44% of respondents in Barclays Stockbrokers survey have refocused their portfolio away from Europe – 27% favour the UK

• Barclays Stockbrokers has seen an increase in trading volumes as turmoil continues

Following sustained market volatility in the Eurozone, and recent ratings agency downgrades, investors are taking stock and re-focussing their investment portfolios elsewhere, according to Barclays Stockbrokers.

Research from the UK’s largest execution-only retail broker reveals that when asked about their investment outlook for the Eurozone, almost half of respondents (44%) have refocused their investment portfolio away from the region. 27% now favour the UK, and 17% are looking to alternative international markets. The research also found that although 28% of respondents still see investment potential in the Eurozone, an equal number (28%) are currently undecided on their outlook for the region.

Paul Inkster, Head of Product at Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “At Barclays Stockbrokers we continue to see our clients reacting to market volatility caused by ongoing uncertainty in the Eurozone; we saw trading volumes increase significantly at the end of last week – a trend that has continued into the start of this week. Following sustained market turmoil in the Eurozone and multiple ratings agency downgrades, investors are taking action and are seeking returns elsewhere.

“There is no doubt that investors are acting despite the uncertainties and the challenging investment environment, and while the world watches and waits to see what will happen in the Eurozone, it is encouraging to see that Barclays Stockbrokers clients aren’t just observing from the sidelines.”

Thinking about the recent European downgrades and your outlook for the Eurozone, which of the following best reflects your investment views?

• I think there is still investment potential in the Eurozone 28%
• I’ve already re-focused my portfolio on alternative international markets 17%
• I’ve already re-focused my portfolio on the UK 27%
• I’m undecided on my outlook for the Eurozone at the moment 28%

Total respondents: 559 (poll ran from 20 – 25 January 2012)