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Panopticon Adds Connectors for Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics, Sybase Event Stream Processor, Oracle CEP and OneMarketData’s OneTick Systems to its Visual Data Analysis Products

Panopticon 5.9.2 expands the company’s support for specialized data sources used in capital markets applications and adds new filtering and analytical capabilities

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that it has released Version 5.9.2 of its popular interactive visual data analysis systems. The suite of products includes: Panopticon Developer SDK for Java and .NET; Panopticon EX enterprise application; and the Panopticon Rapid Development Kit (RDK) which combines the fast deployment capabilities of the EX product with the code-level embedding capabilities of the Developer SDK.

Banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and other financial services firms make extensive use of the data visualization capabilities of Panopticon products to analyze risk, sensitivities, liquidity, P&L and compliance, and provide managers with informed views of market movements, trading activity and exposures. Capital markets firms often embed Panopticon capabilities into their own proprietary systems using the company’s Developer SDK or the Rapid Development Kit.

The 5.9.2 release includes native support for several of the most popular Complex Event Processing (CEP) systems and tick databases on the market, including:

• Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics. The new connector allows clients to directly access the stored tick history through Velocity Analytics pipelines and analyze it in a visual context using Panopticon analytical dashboards. Thomson Reuters is a reseller for Panopticon products and assists clients with implementing comprehensive enterprise platforms for managing real-time and historical tick data, deriving trade and execution strategies, and generating research and analytics.

• OneTick from OneMarketData. This system combines the CEP and tick database functionality in a single system. It allows clients to run historical simulations and back-tests, develop trading and market-making strategies, build transaction-cost models, perform real-time surveillance and answer regulatory compliance requirements. Panopticon’s unique StreamCube™ OLAP data model connects directly to OneTick to provide users with effective, easy-to-interpret visualizations of the data stored in OneTick in combination with other sources.

• Oracle CEP. The Oracle CEP engine is built on industry-standards including ANSI SQL, Java, Spring DM and OSGI. It provides an open architecture for sourcing, processing, and publishing complex events throughout the enterprise and supports a visual development environment as well as standard Java-based tooling. Panopticon’s data visualizations are perfectly designed to allow people to understand and interpret the output of Oracle CEP and make informed, insightful decisions quickly.

• Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP). This is a CEP platform for rapid development and deployment of business critical applications that analyze and act on high velocity and high volume streaming data – in real-time. Sybase ESP provides users with the ability to monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to events as they occur. As a real-time intelligence solution, Sybase ESP and Panopticon data visualization tools facilitate a faster and more immediate time to action as well as the power to make the most opportune corrective, profitable, competitive or value add decisions.

In addition to the above systems, Panopticon supports the following CEP engines, real-time streaming message buses, and databases:

• Apache Active MQ
• Apache QPID
• Kx Kdb+
• Progress SonicMQ
• StreamBase CEP
• Sybase Aleri
• Sybase CEP
• Sybase IQ
• Virtually all standard relational databases, including DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase ASE, and MySQL.

The new release also supports these additional functions designed to improve users’ abilities to analyze time series and real-time data:

• Streaming time series windowing enables users to isolate specific time periods for in depth analysis
• Defined numeric axis to allow more detailed analysis of categorical data
• Improved filtering for faster, more intuitive analysis of fast-changing data sets
• New “Action” controls that enable users to execute functions in external systems based at specific points in time series databases
• Support for dual Y axis time series graphs to allow users to build more complex visualizations of time series data
Panopticon 5.9.2 is now shipping and has already been implemented at a number of client sites.

Peter Simpson, Panopticon’s SVP Research & Development, said, "Panopticon 5.9.2 is a continuation of our support for the evolving requirements of our capital markets users. They are expanding their utilization of our analytical tools, especially when monitoring and reporting on P&L, risk and sensitivities."