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SunGard Global Network and MarketMap Deliver Global Connectivity and Market Data through Abacus Group LLC

SunGard Global Network (SGN) Securities and MarketMap are providing hedge funds and investment managers with global connectivity and market data through Abacus Group LLC’s hosted IT solutions, AbacusFLEX. MarketMap’s integration with AbacusFLEX provides a seamless market data feed that offers asset coverage and a fast and simplified implementation. The AbacusFLEX platform also integrates with SGN Securities, SunGard’s global, multi-asset order routing platform, giving firms the option to bundle financial market data and global connectivity through one vendor. As a result, customers gain access to securities and exchange market data with integrated FIX connectivity, in one cloud-based solution.

As hedge funds and investment managers seek opportunities for growth, they require global instrument data and flexible solutions that offer cost efficiencies and seamless support for business expansion. In addition, the need for rapid time-to-market means firms desire implementations requiring a small hardware/software technology footprint or the need for custom integration for market data and order routing.

AbacusFLEX provides a scalable, redundant and cost-effective IT platform that helps investment managers run all of their technology as a service. By providing access to 120+ markets worldwide and connecting over 2,000 asset managers and 500 brokers through 30 international hubs, SGN Securities helps streamline the trade lifecycle from trade execution to post-trade reconciliation, including, electronic order routing, broker allocations, confirm/affirm, and custodian bank notifications, all to help minimize the risk and cost associated with trading. MarketMap’s integrated feed includes global coverage of options, derivatives and futures pricing data available in real-time or delayed, access to global exchanges, and security master/reference data.

Chris Grandi, founder and president of Abacus Group LLC, said, “Hedge funds and investment managers want flexible solutions to grow their business without accruing additional data fees or coverage limitations. SunGard Global Network and MarketMap provide a cost-effective, comprehensive and integrated solution that helps meet firms’ data requirements with added FIX connectivity in one offering.”

Raj Mahajan, president of SunGard’s Global Trading business, said, “With MarketMap, Abacus customers have a new compelling alternative for their data needs – a choice that provides access to global, high quality and cost-effective data as well as trading links to more than 500+ broker-dealers around the world through the SunGard Global Network, helping to add value to firms’ trading operations and business growth.”