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SunGard Launches Ambit MyMoney, a Social Media-Enabled Online and Mobile Banking Platform

SunGard has launched Ambit MyMoney, an integrated online and mobile banking platform, to help banks capitalize on the increasing global adoption of ‘smart’ mobile devices by creating a consistent and customizable mobile banking experience. The new solution helps banks provide seamless online and mobile banking services to retail and business customers via the Web, mobile phone and tablet computer.

Ambit MyMoney includes out-of-the-box integration to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and offers greater social visibility for banks through a feature that allows customers ‘follow’ via the bank’s own Facebook and Twitter sites. Customers can also ‘like’ the bank’s products and services, and choose to receive alerts and notifications via these channels, thereby extending bank-to-customer communication beyond existing SMS or email channels.

The solution’s personal financial management (PFM) tools help bank customers share financial savings goals via social media with selected friend groups. The tools also include modules for secure feedback and a centralized message center that is accessible across all channels.

Michael Araneta, associate director at IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific said, “Over the next few years, financial institutions around the world will be racing to leverage mobile social media to create service differentiators and augment customer stickiness. We believe that SunGard's Ambit MyMoney proposition brings to market unique and compelling features that are potential game-changers for banks. Ambit MyMoney’s ability to harness social media, integrated with real-time analytics and functionalities for end-users customize their experience has the potential to be a hit with consumers."

David Hamilton, president of SunGard’s Banking business, said, “Many consumers now see virtual channels as the primary window into their relationships with service providers, including their banks. The challenge for banks is how to meet these changing consumer demands. SunGard’s Ambit MyMoney is an additive banking solution that helps banks offer highly personalized banking to their customers, to help them build more profitable relationships and deliver a seamless experience, no matter which mobile channel the customer chooses to use.”

The Ambit MyMoney multi-channel platform provides retail customers online and mobile access to a broad set of secure financial and non-financial transactions, all of which integrate in real time to the bank’s transactional and operational systems. For business customers, Ambit MyMoney’s cash management capabilities can help them better track and manage their finances while on-the-go, through tools such as role-based authority for users, variable limits, batch payments, salary payments and maker-checker features with multiple levels of approval. Ambit MyMoney is customizable at the platform level and on an individual user basis, and includes widgets such as FX rates, news feeds and goal planners, which can be configured on the customer’s dashboard. Ambit MyMoney’s built-in business process management (BPM) engine helps banks ensure a consistent and uniform experience regardless of channel and helps the bank measure, monitor and pro-actively manage service levels. Ambit My Money is part of SunGard’s Ambit Customer Management suite that helps banks create more profitable relationships while enhancing the customer experience.