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SunGard’s Valdi Facilitates Futures and Options Trading on Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Tdex+ Plaftorm

SunGard’s Valdi facilitates futures and options trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s (TSE) Tdex+ platform, which has brought futures and options trading in Japan together on a single, low latent, electronic platform. SunGard’s customers in Japan and overseas are already using Valdi for the unified trading of futures and options, both in enterprise software installations and as Valdi Market Access managed solutions. SunGard has been working closely with its customers help ensure the smooth migration of their futures trading operations onto Tdex+.

The unified Tdex+ platform helps TSE member firms and their clients trade strategies that involve both futures and options more rapidly and efficiently. These strategies are frequently used to support hedging and market making activities. SunGard’s Valdi facilitates the creation and trading of multi-instrument strategies, and also supports the associated cross-asset risk management.

Neil Katkov, senior vice president, Asia for Celent, said, “Japan’s capital markets infrastructure is evolving to help enable advanced trading across asset classes, making tools to support multi-asset strategies essential.”

Nasser Khodri, managing director for SunGard’s global trading business in Asia Pacific, said, “As Japan’s futures and options trading volumes grow, SunGard is working with customers in Japan and elsewhere to help them seize the opportunities created by the unified TSE derivatives trading platform. We look forward to assisting market participants in further optimizing the efficiency of their trading operations for the Tokyo markets.”