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3i Infotech and Smartesting Enter Strategic Alliance to Drive "Zero Defect"

The Indian arm of Smartesting, a leading software provider for model-based test design solutions, based out of Bangalore, today announced a strategic alliance with 3i Infotech, a global Information Technology company. Through this partnership, 3i Infotech’s Independent Testing and Compliance Business (ITCB) will not only integrate the Smartesting solution in their test environment but also offer this as part of their testing solution to all their customers. The partnership incorporates an Enterprise Licence Agreement, which covers 3i Infotech’s own software products / IPRs and its independent testing services activity.

Smartesting provides an innovative test design solution that automatically generates functional tests from a model of the requirements - thus driving “Zero Defect” by focusing on prevention. This has been proven to deliver anywhere between 6x to 20x higher test coverage when compared to traditional models of test design. In addition, this model-based test design approach links the test suite directly with the business requirements, thus making available a dynamically ready test suite every time a requirement undergoes a change.

Mr. Stephane Werba, Chief Operating Officer, Smartesting said, “Our partnership represents a strategic direction for Smartesting, primarily seeking to unite an ecosystem of technology partners. This is a valuable opportunity for key domains – in particular the BFSI, Retail & Manufacturing sectors – the core areas of strengths for 3i Infotech, and where we too see a lot of potential. This partnership is a contributor to our business pursuits in our original market, Europe and in the US, where we have recently started operations, besides the emerging markets.”

Mr. Som Sarma, President and Global Head - IT Services, 3i Infotech said, “The partnership with Smartesting provides our independent testing services the platform on which it aims to drive its “Zero Defect” solutions. As our fast growing client base across geographies has been looking for a pragmatic approach towards zero defects, the Smartesting solution fits in very effectively with their requirement. With multiple engagements that showcased 100% test coverage and reduced the cost of change by over 60%, this strategic alliance is a strong differentiator and contributes to our competitiveness.”

On the occasion, Mr. Michel Guez, Managing Director - Smartesting India stated,

"3i Infotech is a partner dedicated to delivering high value services to clients and have recognized Smartesting as a key component of their offering to bring optimized test coverage, productivity, requirements traceability and agility to their clients.” He added “This partnership also opens opportunities to leverage 3i Infotech’s BFSI, Retail & Manufacturing domain expertise to jointly build high value reusable test assets – Domain Test Accelerators.”

For 3i Infotech’s own IPR, this alliance represents a way to provide immense value for its customers by ensuring the highest quality products within the emerging needs of an “agile” customization and maintenance environment.