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Updata announces EnergyFeed for European energy traders at EMART

The energy trading community throughout Europe has come to rely heavily on Updata’s analytics for their trading decisions. More and more traders have been asking us to help them:

• Get faster OTC broker data feed directly into their Updata system minimizing IT hurdles
• To do clever things with the data eg split out tick graphs for each broker on one chart
• By providing a managed historical combined data service which has fast, long and clean price histories
• Receive our technical analysis alerts and reports in real time as we write them
• Provide phone app solutions for tracking prices on the move

Updata EnergyFeed is a unique real time OTC broker feed, also supplying data from several energy exchanges and additional services such as news, reports and alerts - a groundbreaking step for energy traders. The feed is fully integrated to run with Updata analytics software and has been up and running for over a year now with traders in many countries from the USA to Europe switching to it.

At only £250 per user per month (plus real time exchange fees where required) this is well under the per user API costs firms are paying currently and represents a fraction of the cost of monthly fees for a market terminal. Firms could be saving over twice the cost of the Updata EnergyFeed just by implementing this better solution.

Commenting on the launch of EnergyFeed, founder and Chief Executive of Updata, David Linton says “The majority of energy traders in Europe now rely on Updata for real-time analytics of their OTC data. EnergyFeed now gives them the perfect add in solution. Our unique price projection targets, free code writing service for back-testing needs and our news as well as morning reports to users’ desktops, are all included in the EnergyFeed service. This is what our clients have been asking for and we are happy to be able to negotiate unique deals with Europe’s OTC energy brokers in order to deliver it to them”.