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TwoFour Announces the Release of Version 5.0

Upgraded technology and expanded functionality enhances TwoFour’s offerings

TwoFour, a specialist provider of global real-time financial software solutions and a trusted consultancy in capital markets today announced the release of Version 5.0 of its software solutions. V5.0 signifies a major technical upgrade to the underlying components of TwoFour’s software solutions, furthering TwoFour’s ongoing commitment to evolving its solutions with the latest technologies. V5.0 also includes a multitude of functional enhancements and continues to ensure the highest levels of scalability, configurability, and user-friendliness – all staples of TwoFour’s solutions. V5 merges functionality previously offered in minor releases with new enhancements and significant technology advances.

Underpinning all of the enhancements to the solutions is the advanced technology powering V5.0:

• V5.0 supports the latest Operating Systems and Microsoft platforms and frameworks.

• The new TwoFour Client Portal allows TwoFour clients to deliver white-labeled functionality to their external customers.

• Major performance enhancements have been made to improve application server scalability for both physical and virtual environments, with modifications that improve performance up to four times more than previous versions of TwoFour. Publishers have been enhanced to support partitioned data sources. 64 bit clients and servers are fully supported.

• New monitoring technologies are supported and integrate easily with third party management software. New tools are available for viewing logs and monitors, allowing users to easily access, review and identify issues. Dashboards help users easily identify when trouble has occurred. As a precaution, new thresholds are in place to trigger alerts to prevent issues before they occur.

• Http/s communications are now supported to help clients with remote locations.

• Modifications have been made to simplify large scale deployments of the TwoFour solution across server farms. Enhancements to the TwoFour installation facilities have allowed for significant time reductions for upgrading systems.

TwoFour’s four primary offerings have been enhanced to broaden function and feature support. The following features are available in V5.0:

• TwoFour FX is a front-to-back office foreign exchange transaction processing solution that can be implemented in full or decomposed and deployed by business function. Enhancements include multi-trade input screens, automated customer rollover, back-to-back-to-back trades with automatic risk assignment based on location, FX pair-off, P&L closeout, and enhanced risk management for exchange traded options. Back office enhancements include an operations dashboard for improved exception visualization, automated confirmation matching, phone, email and fax confirmation formats, CLS confirmation messages, split settlements and case investigation.

• TwoFour LM is a limit monitoring and credit management solution that provides users with the ability to leverage risk information in real-time. Enhancements include modifications for pre-deal credit checks and enhanced features for margin trading.

• TwoFour OMS is an order management solution that can be configured as a stand-alone OMS or integrated as part of a front-to-back solution with TwoFour’s FX offering. This solution now includes support for FX options. Other enhancements include monitoring for inactive order management, enhanced one-cancels-other (OCO) features, benchmark and loop orders, orders with hibernation periods and increased limit order capabilities which include real-time limit order ladders.

• TwoFour TCM is a cash management solution that provides a real-time global view of positions across asset classes allowing users to make informed, effective, and accurate funding decisions. Enhancements include automated funding proposals through short-term money market instruments or FX swaps, pooled interest calculations, automated cash balance reconciliation, and MT900/910 matching.

“We are very proud of TwoFour’s on-going role as an industry pioneer and our track record of providing the latest and best in technology to a global client base,” remarked David Kamp, CTO of TwoFour. “The flexibility and improved technology of our solutions allow us to offer solutions to financial firms of all sizes—quickly, easily, and affordably.”

TwoFour’s solutions provide complete front-to-back transaction processing across financial products. For more than 25 years, TwoFour’s experts have been designing, building and successfully implementing contemporary technology solutions that have enabled financial services organizations of all sizes to stay ahead of the market, reduce risk, maintain regulatory compliance, achieve operational excellence and increase profitability.