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OSK Selects SunGard Global Network and Valdi Trading Solutions to Support its International Development

OSK Investment Bank Group (OSK), an Asian regional investment bank, has selected the SunGard Global Network (SGN Securities) to help it gain access to its overseas clients’ order flow, and SunGard's Valdi Order Management System and trading solutions to support its growing regional and international business. SunGard's solutions will help OSK collect orders from its clients and more efficiently manage and execute them on the Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta exchanges. OSK has also recently acquired a securities firm in Thailand and will soon deploy SunGard’s system for trades into the stock exchange of Thailand.

SunGard’s Valdi will help OSK increase the number and types of orders it can handle and provide its clients with an integrated regional trading system, while SunGard’s SGN Securities market data and order routing network will help it connect its regional offices to a large global trading community. SGN connects 2,000 asset managers and over 500 brokers, and connects to over 120 markets. The Valdi OMS will be managed by SunGard, helping OSK focus on its business and rely on SunGard for maintenance and upgrades.

John Lau, regional head of trading for OSK, said, “Because OSK is growing and attracting more institutional clients from all over the world, we decided to upgrade our systems to Valdi to help us handle more orders with higher levels of complexity. SunGard’s SGN and Valdi OMS will help us trade more efficiently in Hong Kong and across the ASEAN markets with a fully integrated system for both our regional and overseas clients.”

Raj Mahajan, president of SunGard’s global trading business, said, “With cross-border trading booming in Asia, being able to offer multi-market access to local and international investors is key. By using SGN and Valdi, OSK can provide the appropriate order collection, management and trading services to offer access to both Hong Kong and ASEAN markets. Delivering Valdi OMS as a managed service can help OSK further benefit from cost and operational efficiencies.”