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Progress Software Launches the Responsive Process Management 2.0 SuiteNew Browser-Based Visualization and Analytics; Modeling and Simulation Tools Strengthen Interactive Interface

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a leading software provider that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive, today launched the second major release of the revolutionary Progress Responsive Process Management™ (RPM) suite. The Progress RPM™ R2.0 suite provides enterprises with a powerful software solution that helps them make changes in their business operations in response to patterns indicating impending business events, such as opportunities and threats. This enables enterprises to achieve a higher level of business performance. The new Progress RPM R2.0 suite comprises an easy-to-use, browser-based, interactive interface called the Progress Control Tower™, alongside Progress® Actional® Business Transaction Management (BTM), Progress Apama® Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Progress Savvion® Business Process Management (BPM) platforms.

The Progress RPM 2.0 suite provides operational and line of business users with boundless visibility into vast, disparate data silos as well as the ability to correlate, analyze, and anticipate events that could impact their business. Equally important, it also enables users to make continuous business process improvements without disrupting their IT infrastructure, or requiring the replacement of existing systems. This comprehensive functionality is managed through the state-of-the art Progress Control Tower R2.0 product.

Richard D. Reidy, president and chief executive officer, Progress Software said: “We deliver business solutions that help enterprises achieve game-changing levels of operational responsiveness across all levels within the organization. The innovative Progress RPM 2.0 suite provides executives proactive visibility and control over critical business processes, business events, and business transactions, enabling levels of responsiveness that have been heretofore unattainable.”

An industry first, the new and fully interactive Progress Control Tower R2.0 product is unmatched for its rich visualizations, interactive analytics and intuitive drill downs across live and historical data. These features deliver a wealth of relevant, key performance indicators (KPIs) and business information.

According to Maureen Fleming, vice president of IDC's business process management and middleware research programs: "As enterprises build event-driven systems to help them systematically respond to problems and opportunities, they worry about ways to rapidly identify what they don't know and verify what they think they know. Combining rich analytics to look for new patterns of opportunities or threats, then model, test and monitor them in real-time offers a more responsive way to convert the unknown to the known to take advantage of it."

There are several additions to the Progress Control Tower R2.0 product including:

powerful, cross-enterprise collaboration functionality including blogs, wikis, calendars, and document sharing; enhanced business process improvement, including web-based collaborative modeling; a unique capability that allows business users to perform infinite, drill-downs into processes, events and transactions triggering updates to all views within their portal, and connecting them to the intelligence they need to uncover disparate process trends, new revenue opportunities and potential threats; and customizable, portal-based, mash-ups, which combine content from multiple sources including alerts, social media, internal and external data and interactive analytics, empowering business analysts with role-based, multi-view interfaces aligned to their individual needs.

Additionally, a powerful object-based, multi-process and multi-scenario modeling and simulation environment enables the creation of new business processes and the improvement of existing processes to be rapidly, modeled, verified and improved before they are deployed.

Dr. John Bates, chief technology officer, Progress Software commented: “In a study* we commissioned with an independent market research firm, we found that 74% of surveyed companies reported a significant increase in the flow of information into their company. We also found 67% of companies said they hear of problems from their customers before they know about the problems themselves and 89% of businesses cannot get a single view of their business performance because the processes are spread across multiple, disparate systems. We built the Progress Responsive Process Management suite to overcome these issues. Working with the Progress Control Tower product, executives can see patterns indicating potential threats or opportunities that are emerging. They can immediately and appropriately respond to them in time enabling them to reduce risk, avoid threats or increase revenue prospects.”

Over the past decade, businesses have gained the ability to tap into vast amounts of previously unobtainable, rich data sources. At the same time, the business environment has evolved dramatically, with processes spanning more departments and front-line business owners demanding faster response times. The Progress Responsive Process Management suite provides both the business and operations user faster, easier information discovery combined with the actionable insight they need to anticipate the demands of the business and keep ahead of their competition.

Progress also offers industry-specific solution accelerators that extend the core Progress RPM suite for the capital markets and communications industries. Solution accelerators facilitate the deployment of critical industry-specific capabilities ensuring a faster time-to-value and ROI.