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TwoFour Processes 450 FX Back Office Trades Per Second on Virtual Hardware - New Record Set at UK-based Intel’s fasterLAB

TwoFour, a leading provider of global real-time FX, treasury cash management, limit monitoring and order management solutions today announced new benchmark performance results. TwoFour conducted a series of volume tests at Intel’s® UK-based fasterLAB in order to validate TwoFour’s Foreign Exchange back office transaction processing capacity. The results significantly raise the bar for transaction processing throughput. TwoFour was able to process approximately 450 FX back office trades per second which included spot, forward, swaps and futures using virtual machines running on industry standard low cost hardware.

Market forces and trading strategies continue to drive volumes to new heights, putting pressure on technology to deliver increased performance and predictable scalability. Many financial institutions have seen significant increases in FX trading volumes that are expected to continue to grow. In response, TwoFour conducted a series of benchmarking tests to prove that its architecture could meet the scalability requirements today’s market demands and perform optimally during normal and peak load periods.

The test system was pre-loaded with open trades composed of spot, forwards, swaps and futures in order to create a more true-to-life trading environment. After successfully completing two baseline tests representing typical trading activity, TwoFour then introduced trading spikes and other forms of duress to prove that the architecture could fully process high volumes of trade activity for extended periods of time. The FX back office processing workflow included validating data, applying standing instructions, generating MT300s for FX trades, updating positions and publishing positions and exceptions to client blotters in real time.

TwoFour processed 450 trades per second, running the TwoFour system hosted on virtual application servers using Intel® Xeon® processors. Each virtual application server used just 4 cores and 8GB of memory. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 was leveraged as the database management system.

“We’re extremely pleased with these results which verify TwoFour’s ability to consistently deliver real-time, high performance processing. We used virtual machines and saw linear scaling as we added more slices,” stated David Kamp, TwoFour’s CTO. “Through tests at fasterLAB, we demonstrated that our Microsoft .NET solution running on Intel technology would outperform traditional higher cost architectures.“

“Our current and prospective client base is very happy with the results that we achieved,” added Steve Davis, TwoFour’s CEO. “TwoFour enables customers to scale horizontally by simply configuring additional virtual application servers as needed, an inexpensive and incredibly fast process."

TwoFour will continue to work with Intel to identify peak performance capacity and scalability metrics in order to deliver the technology that the market demands.