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Algorithmics launches Algo Strategic Business Planning

Algorithmics, the leading provider of enterprise risk solutions, today announced the launch of Algo Strategic Business Planning, a product that provides banks’ senior management with a comprehensive view of their operations, with the ability to stress, forecast and optimize over a range of possible changes in portfolios and key risk drivers at the enterprise level.

Algo Strategic Business Planning provides unparalleled decision support for those required to manage the complexities of a bank’s risk/return profile, now and over the planning horizon. Allowing the entire banks’ policies and strategies to be measured and analyzed in terms of capital consumption, exposure, liquidity and profitability over a range of possible changes in portfolios and key risk drivers, reduces the likelihood of surprises and enhances the bank’s ability to respond to changes while continuing to meet its risk and return targets.

Richard Reeves, Senior Director, Business Intelligence Group at Algorithmics, commented: “Banks of all sizes are challenged to present the wide array of results and data produced by their various risk and finance systems. Algorithmics has developed Algo Strategic Business Planning to helpbanks extract, interpret and analyze this information in a timely, meaningful and interactive way for executive oversight and analysis. Bank executives can interrogate ‘bank on a page’ reports to understand their overall risk profile, sensitivities to key risks and the risk factors that drive their profitability, stability and growth across the entire organization.”

Featuring an organized and intuitive web-based dashboard interface, Algo Strategic Business Planning facilitates both day-to-day oversight and long-term strategic planning by providing senior managers and decision makers with a holistic overview of their organization derived from their existing systems and infrastructure.

It features:

• ‘Bank on a Page’ reports, showing key metrics for market risk, credit risk, ALM, liquidity and capital within a single, web-based interface, that are intelligible and interactive

• CEO watch lists, including, top 10 counterparties by exposure or capital consumption, or bottom 10 bank divisions by RAROC

• analysis of incremental economic capital and RAROC, showing the impact of changes in exposure on capital consumption and profitability

• optimization, displaying the bank’s portfolio, and the investments and divestments required to provide the optimal return, while maintaining desired risk exposure

• risk aggregation, revealing the results of the aggregation of risk silos into a single, full economic capital distribution for the organization as a whole.

John Macdonald, Executive Vice President, Algorithmics, added: “Being able to interpret risk and finance information in a way that senior management can use easily and effectively is now a powerful reality. Early feedback from our clients about Algo Strategic Business Planning has been extremely positive and indicates to us that providing a view of the ‘bank on a page’ is exactly what clients are looking for. Developing risk solutions with tangible business benefits has been a focus of Algorithmics’ innovation in recent years. This product will provide our clients with holistic risk oversight, analysis and planning across their institutions.”

The launch of Algo Strategic Business Planning builds on Algorithmics’ success in the risk dashboard space, with first place rankings in the Risk Magazine’s Technology Rankings for Risk Dashboards, for two years in a row.