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3i Infotech launches 400-strong Asset Management Practice

International centre of excellence highlights 25-year industry track record and enhances relationships with world’s top asset management firms.

3i Infotech, a global provider of IT solutions, today announces the launch of its 400-strong international Asset Management Practice (AMP).

The practice, which benefits from 22 delivery centres located around the world is already being used by some of the world’s top asset management firms, provides a unique customer framework that focuses on three core principles – focus, ownership and delivery.

The formalisation of the industry-centric offering streamlines future strategic planning and customer innovation and enables the asset management industry to capitalise on a suite of bespoke products and services. This is critical if key participants are to successfully tackle the myriad of regulatory hurdles and other core market drivers challenging the sector.

Currently, the 3i Infotech Asset Management Practice benefits from a 400-strong dedicated team and takes advantage of unrivalled development and testing experience. This, when combined with decades of successful delivery, adds up to a highly competitive customer centric approach.

In a fiercely competitive industry, financial technology vendors have become increasingly divided by their ability to provide top-quality service while at the same time offering class-leading products and services. Indeed, as technology within the financial services sector becomes increasingly commoditised, only the smartest players can provide a solution that is tailored specifically towards a client’s individual needs.

“There is no doubt that the most forward-thinking financial technology vendors have begun to realise that the service they offer is just as important as the technology they have at their fingertips,” said Ian Hallam, Chief Executive Officer, 3i Infotech, Western Europe.

“Clients have come to expect excellent technology that delivers, and what you also have to remember is that people buy into people. To this end, you need to provide a great service as well as great technology. Over the years we have developed valuable, long-standing relationships with our clients. No other IT services provider has more experience in this sector than us, and as far as we’re aware, no other provider has had partnerships lasting over twenty five years like we have. And although we provide world-class technology, we have to attribute a great deal of this loyalty to the exceptional service we provide.”

3i Infotech’s Asset Management Practice comprises thousands of talented domain professionals and industry-tested solution accelerators specialising in front, middle and back office capabilities. As part of the formalisation of the practice, asset managers now stand to benefit from specialist IT services and accelerated solutions.