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RFU Set to Make £300,000 of Savings with Compleat Buyers Group

The Rugby Football Union today announces that it has signed up to the Compleat Buyers Group (CBG) from Compleat Software Limited. Combined with the Compleat Purchase to Pay (P2P) software the RFU has already procured, it is expected that the contract will provide up to £300,000 worth of savings on discretionary purchases in the first year of membership and those savings will be enjoyed year after year.

The CBG will enable the RFU to reduce the cost of discretionary spend by leveraging the entire CBG’s collective spending power to achieve better prices. Where it differs from other buying groups is that it works with Compleat’s P2P software to ensure nominated suppliers, goods, services and prices are used every time by the managers and buyers at the RFU. John Moulson, Head of Finance at the Rugby Football Union comments, “Compleat Buyers Group will pay for itself through the savings made on stationery alone and anything else is a bonus. The Compleat Detailed Review has identified potential savings of £100,000 which we will achieve quickly, plus potentially a further £200,000 savings in the coming year. Choosing to engage with the Compleat Buyers Group was a very simple decision!”

David Hawthorn, Chief Procurement Officer of CBG, comments “The RFU have lots of managers who are very good at getting good value in their own specialised areas such as rugby equipment, but there is no-one who looks at purchasing as a function, and certainly no-one looking into the detail of what the RFU spend on everyday items such as cleaning products and stationery on behalf of the entire organisation.”

As well as the annual membership fee, The RFU is taking 50 days of consultancy as part of the Active Cost Management package, with a consultant on site one day a week. Hawthorn continues, “Our CBG professional buyers will work alongside the RFU’s staff and management to help them achieve better prices across the board, and I see this as a real opportunity to contribute to the transformation of procurement at the RFU.”

Neil Robertson, CEO Compleat Software, adds “As one of Compleat Software’s first customers, I am delighted that The RFU is the first customer to sign up to the Compleat Buyers Group. We are very confident that the savings generated through CBG for the RFU are typical for a very large number of businesses, and will deliver a real and quantifiable cash ROI to businesses in as little as four months. Once in place, these savings will be repeated every year, making Compleat Spend Control a very compelling proposition.”

Robertson concludes, “Compleat Purchase to Pay automation combined with CBG is perfect for organisations like the RFU who don’t have a dedicated procurement function. By helping to save the pennies across common overhead spend, the pounds look after themselves and deliver an outstanding cash ROI.”

The Compleat Buyers Group has secured preferential pricing and discounts from hundreds of leading suppliers across 10,000s of products and services. These products and services are presented to users through pre-configured and automatically maintained catalogues. As Compleat Buyers Group focuses on common discretionary spend and not specific vertical market specialisation, it is relevant to every type of organisation.