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Forbis has released FORPOST 4.5.3

Keeping up with the development of the newest information technologies and striving for qualitative servicing of its international and Lithuanian customers, the Forbis Company has improved its FORPOST banking information system and introduced many novelties, which will enable the banks, operating FORPOST, to qualitatively service their customers and provide them with modern European services.

TRANSITION TO ORACLE WEB FORMS /REPORTS. It is the main technological novelty of the FORPOST release 4.5.3, owing to which it has been fully transited to Forms10/Reports10 and no operation with Forms6/Reports6 will any longer be carried out because Oracle does not support the latter. The new three-tier architecture embraces the main server, application server and user web interface. It allows the banks to significantly reduce the IT recourses, and there is no need to additionally train users to work with the new interface, because the operation has remained the same – easy and intuitively comprehensible.

The benefits to our customers:

• Adjusted to the Cost Based Optimizer;
• Full Oracle support;
• FORPOST accessed via the browser without any additional third party’s software instruments;
• Easier servicing;
• New possibilities of development;
• Three-tier architecture;
• Security on each level;
• Hardware and its maintenance expenses reduced up to 50%;
• Lower expenses on FORPOST upgrade;
• Decrease of terminal servers load up to 50%.

TESTING AUTOMATION SERVICE. It is one more technological novelty in the new FORPOST release. When transiting to a new release or introducing FORPOST release changes, the banks face the need to check the operation of the entire software set taking into account the individual settings and changes. For such cases the Forbis Company has developed a set of acceptance and loading tests, which may be performed at the customer’s site. It helps to save time and resources and increases the quality and stability of the operation of the software set. With the help of this novelty, the time and additional human resources, needed for testing, are saved, because now the tests are performed automatically.

It is an absolutely new service, which is not offered by other BIS vendors, thus Forbis is an innovator in the field. The solution has been created with applying the newest industrial standards.

Advantages of testing automation:

• Reliability: operations of testing are performed in a set order for elimination of a probability of a human error;
• Ensuring of quality: during testing detailed reports, which may be easily compared and analysed, are automatically formed;
• Greater speed of testing: automatic tests are performed much quicker, than those performed by a human;
• Repeating of tests: both the entire set of testing as well as testing of a separate stage may be easily repeated; thus, one and the same operation may be tested several times;
• Money saving: fewer resources are required for testing.

TARGETS AND PLANS MANAGEMENT (TPM). It is an important business service, which is included into a new FORPOST release. It helps to manage employees’ plans of actions, to create and to perform the tasks, to fix the results, and to control execution of the tasks’ and actions’ plans.

TPM enables:

• To ensure management of the customers’ servicing quality;
• To secure control of the bank employees’ tasks execution;
• To fix the results and the fact of actions’ execution in the FORPOST system, performed beyond FORPOST.

Advantages of the TPM solution:

• Integration with the general platform (relation with the business objects, use of the technological infrastructure);
• Simplicity of implementation and management;
• Flexible adaptation.

CUSTOMERS’ AUTHENTICATION BY TELEPHONE SERVICE. The service, integrated in the new release, allows determining and confirming the customer’s identity with the help of the verbal password, designed for telephone authentication, and with the use of the DIGIPASS or a similar password generator. This service enables to protect the customer’s data that is regulated by the European Union legislation, and thus the customer is guaranteed confidentiality, security, less risk and greater convenience.

UPDATED INTERNET BANKING PRODUCT (FORPOST*IB). This product has been implemented on the entirely new technological platform and has a clear hierarchical structure, is reliable, quickly responding, more flexible, easily developed, expanded and secure.

Advantages of FORPOST*IB:

• Database resource pooling;
• Full CSS support;
• Optimised, allowing to save OLTP resources;
• More convenient user interface, schedules, dashboard possibilities;
• Easy integration with other systems and technological solutions;
• Valid HTML;
• Full Unicode support;
• A possibility of using browser buttons;
• Implementation of new mechanisms when displaying/managing the customer’s financial information.

Along with other business innovations, in the FORPOST 4.5.3 release, there have been improved products of trade finance, crediting, retail and corporate banking, treasury, payment cards, and reporting.