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Wealth management by a-touch from GFT

Turning investment consulting into a mobile and interactive experience

GFT UK, the international IT company has launched a-touch, its new touch banking framework for financial consultants available on both the iPad and laptops. A-touch brings real-time investment information to financial consultations for private banking and wealth management professionals.

A-touch allows the whole consultation process to revolve around the multi-touch display. Simply by touching the screen, investors can call up detailed information on anything they are interested in. This allows them to actively shape the process according to their individual requirements. Sample portfolios and performance comparisons are displayed in the form of clear, understandable graphics. The advisor is also freed from time-wasting activities. For example, the intelligent process logic ensures that obligatory documentation is taken care of automatically, allowing the consultant to focus wholly on the client and key aspects of the consultation process.

GFT UK?s Managing Director, Graham Underwood, explains ?GFT?s a-touch framework will make a decisive contribution towards raising the quality and transparency of the financial advice process. Complex products can be clearly illustrated and any changes in the existing investment strategy are clearly documented. At the same time, the framework provides system-based support to meet the legal requirements for financial consultants. In future, banks will come to rely increasingly on intelligent IT applications to fully comply with growing regulatory demands. Both banks and investors will benefit from our a-touch framework: financial institutions can minimise their risk of liability, while at the same time significantly enhance the quality of advice given to investors?.

A-touch uses up-to-the-minute computer technology to enhance the consulting experience. The underlying software systematically steers the consulting session in line with formally laid-down processes and risk management guidelines. Using the system, all investment strategies and financial products can be explained through multimedia demonstrations in a clear and understandable manner.

After ascertaining a risk profile for the investor, the system takes personal circumstances into account before making specific investment suggestions, broken down into products from different asset categories. The system regularly compares targets to actuals, based on the very latest market developments, providing clear and comprehensible graphs.

The investor and consultant can then jointly develop a suitable investment strategy with the aid of multimedia support. A-touch documents all the necessary steps of an investment advice session, from an understandable explanation of the risks and opportunities of the investment products, to the provision of a record of the financial advice session.

The a-touch mobile device available on the iPad is about accessibility and ease-of-use. It offers the improved portable and intuitive access to a bank?s data that investors are now demanding. Equipped with additional security elements, it offers the same functionality as the a-touch for laptop. Further support is provided by short informative films on complex products, or by specially generated graphics showing the current portfolio composition, prospective investment returns and possible loss risks.