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Neville & Rowe Release Report Designer Plug-In for Business Intelligence Solution ImpactEdge

Neville & Rowe has increased the scope of their Business Intelligence Solution ImpactEdge. A new report designer has been released that will plug in alongside existing functions in the application.

The new report designer provides you with total control over the layout and content of your report. You can now construct a report from a variety of sources, where the solid analytics yielded from ImpactEdge can be combined with charts, graphs and other objects all in one document.

As an extension to the ease-of-use provided throughout ImpactEdge, the report designer is aimed at the end-user. This could enable you to produce a report in minutes, and replace a system where creating reports requires multiple inputs and takes many days.

Once you have created a report it can be easily printed from ImpactEdge and distributed. Alternatively it can be published as a PDF, an Excel Spreadsheet, or in many other formats.

Andrew Neville, co-founder of Neville & Rowe, said "The report designer has added a whole new dimension to ImpactEdge. The user can now create their own unique reports, which can be tailored to situations as they arise".