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DataMotion Offers Email Encryption for Confidential Messages and Files for the Banking and Financial Services Industry

DataMotion, Inc., a leading provider of email encryption solutions, today announced its SecureMail and SecureContact services are now available for the banking and financial services industry. Every day banks and financial services institutions exchange faxes, emails, documents and forms containing private and confidential data that must be protected. CIOs, risk managers and IT directors all face regulatory pressure to protect the privacy of sensitive information without impeding the process of doing business.

“Financial business regulations are extremely complicated and it can be daunting to keep up with all of the new rules related to information privacy,” said Bob Janacek, co-founder and CTO, DataMotion. “By using our SecureMail and SecureContact solutions organizations in the financial services industry can feel confident that the information they exchange with clients and members is secure and meets privacy regulations.”

For example, brokerage firms can use SecureMail to securely email trade confirmations to customers rather than printing and mailing them. Companies benefit from the instant delivery aspect of SecureMail, and can achieve rapid return on investment (ROI) over postal mail costs.

Financial organizations must also proactively help protect their clients’ privacy, even when they are unaware of the risks. Clients often contact financial companies over email and include private information, such as account information and social security numbers – exposing themselves to risk. DataMotion SecureContact gives financial services organizations a tool to enable secure ‘client-initiated’ email without requiring the client to purchase any software. For instance, a third-party administrator may use SecureContact as its “Contact Us” page to help clients ask personal questions or transmit needed documentation. “It’s yet another way we help financial services organizations keep their customers happy – and secure,” said Janacek.

DataMotion’s SecureMail solution ties in with existing email systems, and is a cost-effective service that encrypts messages between an organization and its clients. With SecureMail organizations can be up and running in less than an hour, ensuring their messages are protected and compliant with internal policies and external regulations like GLBA, HITECH, PCI and HIPAA. SecureMail is easy to use, trackable, and uses military-grade encryption.