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FIX Flyer Selects Equinix to Offer Unparalleled Choice and Flexibility for Clients

Leading Service Providers and Software Vendors Use FIX Flyer and Equinix to Deliver Differentiated Trading Solutions

FIX Flyer, a world leader in trading infrastructure solutions, today announced that it now offers a hosted solution inside Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services. FIX Flyer, inside Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) centers, helps customers manage and optimize their connectivity as part of an overall private cloud strategy.

The FIX Flyer solution on Equinix’s global platform is used by a set of world-class technology service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to enable unprecedented choice, flexibility and interoperability. It also provides them with the agility to extend their existing trading infrastructure to an enterprise-ready trading connectivity service.

FIX Flyer automatically manages and optimizes the distribution of FIX (Financial Information Exchange) connectivity, independent of its geographic location. By teaming with Equinix, ISVs and developers can further monetize the value of their connectivity and trade processing, and help customers access on-demand FIX resources where and when they need it – at any time, across the globe. In particular, mid-sized brokerages leverage the combination of FIX Flyer on Platform Equinix to manage all of their trade connectivity to their institutional clients, eliminating the hassle and expense of using third party VPN providers.

A number of leading service providers – including Market Street Advisors and FolioDynamix – have turned to FIX Flyer and Equinix to deliver services to their customers. These independently branded connectivity services utilize Flyer’s Managed FIX technology and a key set of enterprise-ready features – including FIX connectivity management, FIX certification, self-service monitoring via Daytona, IP security, as well as the option to deploy selective translation and tag filtering on demand. As a result, these service providers give their customers the ability to manage their trade processing securely and cost-effectively in a cloud environment. All of these service providers leverage the Managed FIX API as the presentation layer for their trading applications.

Brian Ross, CEO of FIX Flyer, commented: “The ability to manage, certify and secure FIX connectivity becomes challenging as it continues to grow at historical rates. Customers adopt our Managed FIX to better service their connectivity needs and help reduce this complexity. FIX Flyer has dramatically decreased overall costs for our clients by reducing their data center footprint and consolidating application infrastructure on to Managed FIX, while providing a dynamic solution that supports ultra high reliability and flexibility."

Equinix provides a single, globally distributed platform of facilities across geographies to optimize trading applications. FIX Flyer leveraged the Equinix global footprint to develop a unique and cost-efficient offering to manage clients’ FIX connectivity that achieves stringent SLA objectives. The network community provides other Equinix customers with access to some of the latest technology for connecting to other hosting centers, including access to technical resources for testing, configuration and support.

Bevin Crodian, CEO of Market Street Advisors, noted: "Managing connectivity to sponsors from a capacity and cost perspective is a significant challenge for many asset managers today. We partnered with FIX Flyer integrated within Equinix facilities to create a solution that combines scalability and unparalleled flexibility, efficiently delivering connectivity anywhere in the world through a standard interface."
Aaron Schumm, SVP, Product FolioDynamix, added: "FolioDynamix, a full service Wealth Management solutions provider, selected Managed FIX and Equinix as the foundation of the FolioDynamix service offering launched in 2009. The FIX Flyer and Equinix solutions provide the platform that allows us to empower our customers with flexible control over their connectivity and a single system for managing geographically dispersed connectivity anywhere."

John Knuff, general manager of financial services for Equinix, said: “With the rollout of the Managed FIX offering in 2009, FIX Flyer became one of the first service providers worldwide to offer a FIX service inside Equinix data centers. Flyer's approach to FIX management and connectivity complements Equinix’s global reach and helps us better serve our customers around the world.”
“We selected FIX Flyer in order to connect to the world’s markets,” added John Calicchio, Head of Trading & Operations at Euro Pacific Capital. “The infrastructure they use gives us a completely hassle free platform so we can confidently conduct our business.”

Growth in automating all aspects of trading for small-to-medium asset managers to enterprises is driving the move to Flyer’s Managed FIX. The timing of this growth, coupled with the advancements in FIX connectivity technology, is allowing leading edge service providers to leverage FIX Flyer inside Equinix data centers and thus removes many of the barriers associated with existing FIX technologies.