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SAS Predictive Analytics optimised for discovery, analysis, accelerated results

SIRIUS and Nedbank Group laud benefits of SAS suite for guiding sound business decisions.

Powerful analytics help organisations make better decisions and visualisation makes analytics easier to understand and more accessible. SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, has expanded its multi-purpose, predictive analytics software, bringing individual products into the SAS Predictive Analytics Suite, greatly increasing analytic bandwidth from data discovery to model deployment. SAS' suite of analytics software is unmatched for meeting evolving analytical needs.

Per the independent analyst report, The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010 (February 2010), "SAS provides a diversified solution portfolio that includes a comprehensive feature-rich set of statistical, data mining, forecasting and optimisation tools complemented with a model and data governance platform for analysing complex structured and unstructured information." The report adds "…SAS offerings integrate out of the box with a wide range of third-party DW [data warehouse] platforms and with the vendor's own analytics platform and wide range of prepackaged analytical applications."

With SAS, SIRIUS predicts marketing ROI

To deliver the best audio entertainment and information services in the world SIRIUS managers rely on SAS to help them operate with confidence. The SAS Predictive Analytics Suite allows them to put evidence-based decision making in the hands of more users, equipping employees to solve broader challenges as they grow revenue and subscribers.

"Operating from gut instinct is not adequate," said Kaiser Fung, statistical director at SIRIUS XM Radio. "The SAS Predictive Analytics Suite enables us to understand and act on the relationships between marketing investments and customer behaviours. Opportunities and issues quickly come into focus thanks to JMP interactive decision trees for preliminary variable selection and pattern detection. In our collaborative model-building workflow, we use SAS Enterprise Miner decision trees with surrogate back up rules to handle missing values and to incorporate profit as the key model selection criterion. This makes what would otherwise be a time consuming modelling task both efficient and effective. SAS definitely gives us an edge over competitors."


"SAS Predictive Analytics Suite increases analytical choices for our modellers who support marketing," said Eugene Liebenberg, in decision science within Nedbank's Retail BIS division. "At Nedbank, we use SAS Enterprise Miner to build production models," Liebenberg continued. "For complete lifecycle management, we use SAS Model Manager to validate, manage and monitor models as well as manage our analysts, acting as a project management tool for the business. All together, the SAS Predictive Analytics Suite lets us measure and manage marketing, propensity, and attrition models in a scientific way—not just for the bank's regulatory purposes but to identify and solve business obstacles. We know we can trust SAS with the myriad of problems we may face on any given day."

SAS Predictive Analytics Suite far surpasses other analytics offerings, delivering higher returns from structured and unstructured data assets. Organisations across all industries can:

• Exercise robust capabilities for data access, preparation and management to build models that generalise well and produce superior outcomes;
• Exploit rich, interactive data visualisation, discovery and exploration to quickly identify top opportunities;
• Harness comprehensive, feature-rich statistical and data mining tools complemented with cross-domain model and data governance capabilities;
• Facilitate continuous enhancement, refinement and maintenance of analytical models to improve decision-making;
• Speed processing and response times with in-memory, in-database and grid capabilities to support timely and accurate management decisions.

Explore and exploit corporate data for strategic business advantage

The SAS Predictive Analytics Suite takes advantage of multiple paradigms—interactive visualisation and exploration, visual programming, and the ability to extend with code—in an integrated fashion.

Using the SAS Predictive Analytics Suite, companies of all sizes can benefit from an environment optimised for discovery as users interactively explore data. Newest to the SAS suite is an advanced statistical desktop offering, JMP Pro, announced on 12th October. JMP Pro's in-memory modelling brings immediate analytic results to business analysts. Forward-thinking organisations have long reported success using SAS Enterprise Miner for collaborative and repeatable data mining processes. SAS Model Manager centrally manages and monitors predictive assets to improve model validation and performance. SAS Scoring Accelerator lets users deploy models directly within database or data warehouse environments for faster access to analytical results.

SAS data mining reaches across industries to predict customer behaviour, reduce churn, minimise credit risk, combat fraud, reduce asset downtime, anticipate patients at risk and plan intervention methods. SAS Analytics provide an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modelling, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, optimisation, simulation, experimental design and more. Part of the SAS Business Analytics Framework, SAS Analytics are the foundation for horizontal and vertical solutions all backed by the industry's most comprehensive consulting, training and support services, ensuring customers maximum return from their IT investments.